Assisted Living? Definition, Help with Daily Living, Humanity, and more


Assisted living and other supportive residences are specifically designed for those who need additional help with daily living. Still, they do not require the permanent specialized care of traditional nursing homes.

Help with daily living

Housekeeping and meal preparation is more than the material tasks that she must ensure and the basis of her intervention. The presence of the home help and her ability to listen arouse healthy curiosity and the desire to learn to allow the person to help to remain independent for as long as possible. In this sense, Home Help is not a housekeeper. She must be concerned about stimulating the person cared for through housework, reading, music, and games. Home help allows the person being helped to maintain or regain a social life by promoting contact with family, neighbours, clubs, etc. If family members plan to help pay for the facility, make sure you know the laws governing the resident’s financial assistance. In some states, for example, the economic contribution of relatives can cause the resident to lose the right to certain Medicaid services (both in the ALF and medical care).

If the state legislation allows the family’s contribution, it must be paid directly to the institution and not to the individual. Inquire about the payment return policy. In some institutions, a trial period is offered to ensure that the institution is appropriate. Be sure to research the terms that govern that period. The cost of assisted living can be prohibitive for many people. However, if the person owns a home, it may be possible to leverage the value of that home to help pay for the cost of residential care.


The human aspect is the very essence of our business. Our priority is to contribute to your well-being in the essential acts of everyday life, in your social and family life and your domestic activities, thus providing moments of respite for your caregivers . We attach importance to the recruitment of our stakeholders. Versatile and benevolent, they are chosen to follow you and assist you in making your life pleasant daily.

Our employees carry out the missions entrust to them under their experience, skills, and human and relational qualities, which are necessary to practice in this field. They have a good understanding of the services offer.

Our Human Resources policy makes it possible to retain our staff and develop it to improve services. The speakers are therefore train continuously to be sure of your complete satisfaction.

Assisted Living Program

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada’s Assisted Living Program provides funding to designating service providers to support the delivery of non-medical social support services to people. Who living on reserve who are experiencing a chronic illness or a disability.

Certain mortgages may allow an owner to loan on the house’s value, which provides the person with a monthly payment. There are different types of loans bases  on the house’s value, which allow the owner to sell his property or obtain loans against its value. It’s a good idea to check the company’s business history before making the loan, either through the Better Business Bureau or other local consumer groups.

The Assisted Living Program provides funding for non-medical social support services to seniors, adults with chronic illnesses, and children and adults with disabilities (mental or physical) who live on a reserve to help them maintain their independence.

The Program has three main components:

  • Home Care
  • Foster care
  • Residential care (for people who need 24-hour non-medical care)

Paying for assisted living

The cost of assisted living facilities can range from less than $10,000 to over $50,000 a year. Nationwide, costs average about $1,800 a month. The prices vary according to the residences, the dimensions and characteristics of the bedroom (for example, shared or private), and the resident’s services. In most institutions, a basic monthly fee covers to rent and essential services, and services providing are also charge. Many institutions also charge a one-time admission fee, make sure you fully understand what is including in the introductory. The price and what you will have to pay for additional services.

As time goes by, the cost of assisted living will increase. It is not rare for institutions to raise prices between 3% and 5% each year. It is also likely that the need for new additional services will arise over time. The institution must inform you of its policy regarding price changes.

When assessing your ability to afford the cost of a particular institution, you should also consider other factors. Some institutions require residents to use a specific pharmacy or medical facility. Make sure your family member’s insurance covers these medical services. This is especially significant if you have to do with an HMO (health care organization). It may also involve a change in regular health care providers, which can sometimes be difficult for people .Who have receive care from the same doctor for many years.


Assisted living communities can range from minor and home-like to large and sophisticate. Residents may have their apartment or room with a bathroom or share a room and bathroom with another resident.

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