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bdjobs com

1. What is

bdjobs com Ltd. is Bangladesh’s largest and leading career management platform. It started its initiative in July 2000 with the aim of making it easier for job seekers to manage their careers more efficiently. The platform helps employers manage the multitasking recruitment process more efficiently and saves time and money.

2. How to Create Bdjobs Account?

You can make a new account by clicking the Create Account link on the official page. After providing the required information, you will receive an email verification link and your profile will be activated. You can also create an account through Facebook or Google Account.

3. What is the Bdjobs Curriculum?

The Bdjobs Curriculum is generated by filling out the Bdjobs form. This resume can be created by satisfying in five steps such as personnel, education/training, experience, other information (specialty, language skills, references) and photo.

4. How can I submit my Application?

The process of submitting your application on bdjobs com is relatively easy. Click the Create New Account link or click the Register Resume option on the home page. The bdjobs com website will guide you through five consecutive steps to submit your application.

5. How do I change my subscription?

Follow the steps to edit your resume:

6. How to add Knowledge to your Bdjobs Resume?

To add experience to your Bdjobs resume, edit your resume in the My Bdjobs panel, then:

7. How can I Improve my Area of Expertise?

Edit Bdjobs Resume You can add (up to 3), change or remove the Expertise section in your work experience section. Follow the steps to update your area of expertise:

8. What are the Advantages of the Area of Expertise?

The area of specialization will be very useful for candidates and will help them in the indicated aspects:

9. How does the Expertise Section Improve my Bdjobs Resume?

In most cases, employers are looking for specific expertise based on a candidate’s job requirements. The area of specialization refers to the candidate’s specialization along with the appropriate training period. This makes it calmer for employers to identify specific knowledge in candidates’ Bdjobs Resume, which ultimately increases pre-selection opportunities.

10. If I lose my User ID, How do I Get it Back?

To recover your lost/forgotten user ID, follow the steps:

11. If I lost my Password, how can I Recover it?

Follow these steps to recover your lost/forgotten password:

12. If I lose my User ID/Password, how do I get them Back?

Follow these steps to recover your lost/forgotten User ID/Password:

13. What is Keyword Research?

This is a special job search option with specific keywords. Go to the main search section, type the desired word(s) in the box (eg ‘Oracle’, ‘Financial Analyst’, etc.) and click the search button. You will be taken to a job listing page with job circulars containing that specific term.

14. What is a Priority Level?

A high priority highlights the candidate’s job priority status to the employer(s). This gives employers an idea of candidates’ interest and increases the chances of more interested candidates getting interview calls. To learn more around high priority, follow the user guide.

15. How to use High Priority?

Applicants can use priority status when applying for job(s). You can also set the priority level of the applied work list for the deadline. To learn more about priority status, follow the user guide.

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