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Best Space Movies that are Out of the World

Best Space Movies that are Out of the World

Not all of us are ever going to get a chance of space travel, the majority of us won’t. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t have a taste of outer space. With technology getting so advance, Hollywood is making space travel movies that feel so real, you’ll be lifted off your feet.

The space is so vast that it gives endless opportunities to filmmakers to think outside the box and bring in all the creativity they have. Below is a list of some of the cult classic space movies that you can watch anytime on any streaming platform when you feel like escaping from our planet. But make sure that you only use a fast and reliable internet connection, like CenturyLink for uninterrupted streaming. With fast speed, stable connection, and 24/7 contact through CenturyLink customer service, your space travel will be smooth, and speedy while keeping the connection alive with Earth beings.

Now launch your space journey with these space movies.

1. The Martian (2015)

Matt Damon plays NASA astronaut, Mark Watney, who is left stranded on Mars after his crew leaves him behind due to bad weather on the planet. When they realize he’s left, it’s already too late for them to turn back and the whole journey has to be made to rescue him. He on the other hand has to manage to stay alive and wait for a very risky rescue mission to arrive.

The movie is not as stressful as other space mission movies are but you’ll be praying that things go right for Watney as one mistake means a death sentence. The movie switches between Mark being cool-headed in desperate times, a rescue mission dealing with their issues and NASA team on Earth trying to pull everything off.

2. WALL-E (2008)

A movie about how Earth has become a barren wasteland because humans didn’t take enough steps to save it from overconsumption and climate change, WALL-E is a masterpiece. The main character is no human, but a titular robot that is a waste compactor. It is the only thing left on earth trying to clear the waste. He is left amazed when a futuristic robot comes to Earth to look for any signs of organic life left.

This starts a fun little journey where WALL-E finally sees humans but those beings are not capable of any social interaction and work due to automation. The movie was chosen by the Library of Congress to be preserved in U.S. National Film Registry for it was being culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.

3. Gravity (2013)

You will have to hold your breath for this ultimate space survival drama called Gravity. Starring Sandra Bullock as space engineer Ryan Stone and George Clooney as astronaut Matt Kowalski, it is one of the best survival sagas in Hollywood. Both leads are on an outer space mission when they are hit by fast-speed space debris.

Both are now stranded and must find a way back to Earth before their oxygen runs out. The special effects team carried the movie by making the audience feel the tension and worry of being constantly stuck in space, which brings a horrible end to life. People who watched this on big screens were all praised as it make them feel the fear of a black void sucking them away from Earth.

4. Moon (2009)

Sam Rockwell plays a lonely astronaut, Sam Bell, who is the only person working on mining Helium on Moon for a three-year contract. He is accompanied there by his computer. Just when his contract of three years is about to end, his years of loneliness start to turn into something. This tale of space madness and the realization of something that one isn’t supposed to know will give you certain feelings.

When in other movies one feels that a space mission must be so lonely even when there is a crew, imagine the loneliness of this astronaut who has been alone on the moon for three years. You can imagine this movie is a cross-over between the dystopian Black Mirror and the survival of the movie Gravity.

5. Sunshine (2007)

Starring a stellar cast including Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans, and Michelle Yeoh, Sunshine is set in a time when the Sun is dying. This group of astronauts is assigned the task of reigniting it to save the planet. As expected, things don’t go very well and the lives of the crew are endangered when an accident occurs.

Apart from the cast, the film’s lighting effects are so important they are a character themselves; watch the movie to understand what we’re saying. The movie has all the elements that make any space movie amazing, a crew’s journey into the unknown in a spacecraft and then realizing that most won’t be returning to Earth, at least in one piece.


Put on your seat belts, check your oxygen, and get ready to take off to space with the breathtaking visuals of the best space movies. Now you have a list of films to help you escape Earth for an hour or so.

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