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Cooling down after exercise, is it important?

Cooling down after exercise

Cooling down after exercise, is it important?

You probably know that we need to warm up our muscles before any physical activity, but do you think cooling down after a workout is just as important?

A good workout should be divided into several phases so that it is beneficial to our health and does not cause injuries or muscle pain. The last of these phases is the “cooling” phase. Next, we explain what it consists of and how it is carried out.

what is Cooling down after exercise?

Cooling down consists of a process carried out after physical activity so that our body returns to its original state of rest. They are exercises that help us reduce the intensity of the effort.

What we achieve with the cooling phase

Through this phase, we get:

How should we cool

Ideally, in the last part of the training, we gradually reduce the intensity. For example, if you are running, slow down until you finish walking. In this way, the body slowly lowers the heart rate, avoiding the appearance of dizziness due to a sudden change.

Next, we can make a tension table. Remember to do them gently and without force. It is recommended to repeat these exercises just before going to bed since it is the moment in which our body recovers optimally.

Finally, you can massage yourself with a foam roller or apply a sports cream after the shower. We also recommend using sports guns or a recovery program on an electrostimulation device.

The best exercises to calm down

Take note of the best exercises you can do once you finish your training:

Conclusion: cooling is a must

In conclusion, we can affirm that the cooling phase is essential for any athlete since it allows them to return to the initial state and prevent the appearance of injuries, pain, or overexertion.

We should not gambol this part of the training due to lack of time or desire. Remember that your body will rest and recover in better condition to return to sports activity with energy and vitality. If we warm up before exercise, why not cool down afterwards?

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