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Diabetic Socks-Definition, Swollen Legs and Feet, Sock Washing and Care Tips, and More

Diabetic Socks-Definition, Swollen Legs and Feet, Sock Washing and Care Tips, and More


Diabetic Socks are also called Diabetic Foot Socks. These socks will use for those  who has suffering from with sugar diseases, this will get relief by wearing socks. That is very comfortable for blood circulation, and it is a loose mesh Leg that Provides warmth and comfort without causing pressure or discomfort. Soft-touch cotton: warm and breathable, so your feet stay comfortable all day long. These socks are made with pure cotton and used for sensitive feet.

Swollen Legs and Feet.

Thin, these socks will prevent excessive perspiration and ensure an adequate temperature in your shoes. Thanks to its wide waistband, they will provide you with a better grip. The hand-sewn finish will not cause any pressure on the toes. These socks will bring you maximum comfort. They are ideal for every day of the week.

Anatomical socks ( L=left – R = right ): these socks are specifically made to support you in your daily activities and improve the support of your suffering feet. They are ideal for people with diabetes and vascular diseases. Our non-constricting diabetic socks are recommends for sensitive feet.

The feet of a diabetic person are subject to a loss of sensitivity and the drying out of the skin, which can lead to severe sores if unsuitable socks are use. Trauma-relates to seams, over-thickness, and sock folds must be avoiding. Our socks adapt to variations in the volume of the foot.

Sock Washing and Care Tips

Sock Washing and Care Tips

To keep this product in shape, follow the label’s care symbols and the product specifications. Although most of us are using to folding our socks into balls, it is recommend to fold them flat instead. This prevents the upper part of the sock that supports the calf from relaxing, thus preventing the horse from slipping on the ankle.

Cotton and its History

Cotton is a plant fibre that surrounds the seeds of “real” cotton plants, a shrub of the Malvaceae family. This fibre, made up of almost pure cellulose, is usually made into yarn woven to create fabrics. Cotton is the most produces natural fibre globally, mainly in China and India. Since the 19th century, thanks to progress in industrialization and agronomy, it has been the world’s leading textile fibre (nearly half of the world’s consumption of textile fibres).

The wild cotton plant (“perennial cotton”) lives for about ten years and can measure up to ten meters. In cultivation, its size is limit to one or two meters to facilitate the collection of cotton, and it is generally exploit in the form of an annual plant. Large five-petalled white or yellow flowers appear when flowering, without a noticeable smell. Then capsules with thick and rigid walls develop. When they open, they release seeds and wads of cotton covering  with a puff of white, silky fibres that can measure between two and five centimeters long, depending on the variety. The fibres are extract from it, which are use to produce fabrics.

Quality Health Socks

The quality health socks is a Pressure less calf socks for muscular calves, big calves or wide calves. Test the extra wide socks with a great stretch of up to 32 cm on specific models. Diabetic or problem foot socks are made for sensitive feet that require fine knits and non-pressure uppers. Extra-wide or stretchy socks are knit in an extra soft material without a tourniquet effect. These socks with a very flexible knit are easy to put on. You will find unique socks for strong feet, large calves or sensitive feet. They adapt to your morphology and specific situations, such as a sprain ankle.

The socks are reinforce on the heel and toe wear points. The tips are hand-linking and seamless for most models to avoid getting in the way. Their high cotton content ensures good moisture absorption. Our quality men’s and women’s health socks bring great satisfaction from use and maintenance. They give your feet all the comfort necessary for daily activity.

We select our health socks for their quality of manufacture and their comfort so that you can live every moment in the best possible conditions of ease and well-being.

Socks for Strong Ankles and Calves

The calf is essential in choosing a sock, especially when it is vital. But the strong calf can be so naturally – by morphology. In this second case, we advise you to visit our site to find a solution to your needs.

Let’s stick to the naturally strong calf. You must consider the size of your calves before choosing your pair of bamboo viscose socks. Whether it’s choosing your work socks, your team of socks for the weekend or your technical socks such as sports socks, hiking socks or running socks, the size of the calf has its essential. Considering the diameter of your calves, you will make a different choice depending on the level of pressure that the ribbing of the sock can exert on your leg.

This choice is not trivial for certain people, as for certain pathologies or even specific trades which do not necessarily have the same mobility at work. Rather “desk” jobs do not have the same disadvantages as trades where the position is upright and relatively static, such as hairdressing or catering, which requires many trips resulting in trampling. And all that is not necessarily good for facilitating blood circulation.


Diabetics socks is a use for sugar patients, these refine mid-socks, knit in high-quality Scottish thread, are guarantee without elastic and without compressing edges. They, therefore, do not tighten the calf and ensure remarkable comfort throughout the day.

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