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How to take care of the eyelashes to have them long and healthy


How to take care of the eyelashes to have them long and healthy

At Lola Aranda, we put ourselves in the hands of the experts and ask them frankly what their advice would be for those who want to take a little more care of their eyelashes: lengthen, thicken, protect, etc.

In this article, we have compiled tricks and applications with natural products so that you can use them daily at home, and we have also included our professional treatments so that you can intensify your look by visiting our hairdressers in Madrid.

How can I take care of my eyelashes correctly?

Natural make-up remover with almond oil on a cotton disc. In this way, we remove the mascara remains that have hardened over the day and can even break. In addition to being a natural make-up remover, we can use it regularly to nourish and hydrate them.

When we brush every day with a brush specially designed for the task, we always do it from the bottom up. We will limit the use of the eyelash curler to the maximum.

Makeup mask with natural products that act as protectors while thickening and increasing the natural volume of your eyelashes. If we help ourselves with makeup with cosmetic products that benefit our eyelashes, the result of each treatment will be improved.

eyelash treatment

Permanent lashes, an artificial curl that lasts three to eight months, lift your gaze and make your eyes appear larger and more intense. Come, and we will advise you throughout the process.

Eyelash lifting, in this process, we stretch your eyelashes, creating an effect of greater length and thickness in your natural, which usually last from four to eight weeks. Make your appointment with Lola Aranda now.

Professional Eyelash Tint aims to achieve a colour different from the natural one and improve the tone of the eyelashes themselves through a treatment in which we take care of them from the root with professional hairdressing products. You can now buy it from Lola Aranda.

How to strengthen eyelashes

Through a balanced diet that keeps us healthy, in addition to strengthening the body, we can improve our eyelashes with a very special protein shake, which we will detail below:

In the blender glass, we collect the following ingredients: 6 carrots, four squeezed oranges, one walnut, one tablespoon of pine nuts, and a tablespoon of honey. If we take this shake for three months, it not only strengthens the eyelashes and hair but also makes them shine and feel very silky.

How to lengthen eyelashes with natural ingredients

Apply castor oil with a brush or mascara brush. This oil nourishes your eyelashes organically and naturally, and with regular use, you will find that it also helps to lengthen them.

Almond Oil and Olive Oil, You can use them before bed and gently rub them against your eyelashes.

Chamomile, make an infusion, moisten a cotton ball and apply it on your eyelashes with small touches. It is practical after removing make-up, calms and tightens the eyelashes.

Vaseline helps thicken the lashes during more extended treatments, and it also lengthens them. To apply, use fingertips and then gently massage. Of course, with a washed face and no traces of makeup.

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