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Kratom Extract Vs Powder: Key Differences To Know Between Them

Kratom Extract Vs Powder: Key Differences To Know Between Them

Kratom is a herbal tree, and its different products are available in the Kratom market. If you are new to the Kratom world, you may be confused about the terminology used by the manufacturers. Kratom is in the form of powder, capsules, extracts, tinctures, edibles, vapes, and many more.

They are available in different strains like green vein kratom, red vein kratom, yellow vein kratom and white vein kratom. Some strains are also grown in countries like Indonesia, Bali or Thailand, thus known as bali kratom, indo kratom, thai kratom etc. All these strains have different alkaloid profiles which affects people differently.

All these kratom strains and products have unique properties, but the popular form among Kratom enthusiasts are powder and extract. Based on your preference, you can select the one which works for you. But knowing about them is necessary to decide. Here we will discuss the kratom extract vs powder and their fundamental difference.

Understanding Kratom

Kratom is a tropical evergreen plant commonly called Mitragyna speciosa, native to Southeast Asia. It is a medicinal tree having both stimulant and sedative properties. The two active alkaloids called mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, are present in kratom to give you some beneficial effects.

Difference Between Kratom Extract And Powder

1.    Preparation Method

Kratom Extract

Kratom extract is a concentrated form made using Kratom powder. It is treated with an extraction process to isolate the alkaloids in the plant. The extract is more potent than the powder form. Even a little extract is 5-10 times stronger than the same amount of Kratom powder.

This extract is available in both liquid and powder forms. In liquid form, it has a greater absorption rate than powder and it promotes the effects quickly.

Kratom Powder

It is the most common form. The powder is from the matured harvested leaves. After harvesting, the leaves are rinsed and set aside to dry. Then the farmer grinds the leaves into fine powder form to get fluffy green powder. Then the powder is packed in an airtight container and stored for distribution. For several years powder can be stored for use.

2.    Potency And The Dosage

Kratom Extract

It contains high potency and gives fast-acting results. Therefore you should follow the recommended serving size on the label. Regular intake of extract leads to the overall building of Kratom tolerance. Hence keep in mind to use the extract in a moderate amount.

The extract’s potency is given as a ratio, usually 2:1 or 3:1.

This ratio represents the potency of about one gram of Kratom powder. 2:1 means the extract is twice as potent as one gram of Kratom powder, and so on.

Kratom Powder

It is strongly advisable to take a 1-2 gram serving size, and after experiencing its benefits, increase the dosage by half a gram till you get your desired result.

Powder form, when compared to the extract, has a lower potency. It does not mean that there is no need to be cautious. Most people report that powder form gives a long-lasting effect and more satisfaction. Intake of large doses may result in adverse effects.

3.    When To Use The Extract And Powder?

You can use both forms depending on your need. Most people like to use Kratom powder regularly at home and extract it when moving out because extracts are travel friendly and more discreet to use than powder. When you need relaxation and comfort, the powder might be an ideal choice.

The alkaloid profile is absent in the extract, which is present in the leaf powder. So, using extract might not offer many comforting properties. Due to this reason, most people use the extract to enhance their energy level during the day and powder to unwind in the evening.

4.    Are Kratom Extracts More Expensive Than Powder?

Yes. The extract is more expensive than powder. For example, 1 oz bag of Kratom powder is between $7-10, whereas extract from $10-30 per product. Whatever the cost, the use solely depends upon the kind of experience.

5.    How To Use Kratom Extract And Kratom Powder For Better Results?

Kratom Extracts

Kratom Extract Shot

Kratom shots are ready to drink by gulping, and their effects will continue shortly. It comes to the market in different fruit flavors.

Liquid Kratom Extract

The liquid is more concentrated and added to the beverage. The dosage is based on your serving size. The bottle comes with a dropper and takes 3 to 6 full droppers to get the expected results.

Kratom Extract Soft Gels

Soft gels are small, smooth, and convenient to swallow and prevent a bitter taste. One to two soft gels can take per day.

Kratom Extract Soft Gels

Kratom Powder

Kratom Tea

The desired amount of Kratom is added to boiling water and used as a tea after filtering the plant matter.

Kratom Capsules

Capsules are one of the most convenient ways to take Kratom powder. It hides the bitter taste of the kratom as it is in encapsulated form.

Toss And Wash

This method is popular among Kratom enthusiasts. It is similar to taking capsules but without capsule casing. The powder is taken in your mouth and swallowed using a beverage.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of Kratom can be achieved from both the extract and powder. The best one may depend upon the consumer. Experienced users can go for extract, as alkaloids cannot affect it. Instead, they will cause a high effect. Beginners of Kratom are recommended to take Kratom powder in a low dose. If you take high doses in the beginning, it will develop resistance. Regardless of the Kratom choice, check that you are shopping for Kratom from a reliable, safe brand. The ones wondering, “how to smoke kratom” also need to research on the subject before heading ahead.

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