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Too Turnt Tony Net Worth, Height, Weight, Relationship [2022 wiki]

Too Turnt Tony

Tony Turnt present net worth: How did the Tik Tok star make millions of dollars?

Too Turnt Tony Net Worth – TooTurnttony (born February 11, 1997) is a famous TikTok celebrity. He is known for his comedy videos and lip-syncing videos. He is currently a duck breeder, having previously worked as a model. His known for role-playing games with his duck on TikTok.

His favorite comedy videos have earned him millions of followers around the world. On TikTok he has more than 5 million followers and on Instagram he has more than 348000. He is also known for posting pictures of his farms and his lovable ducks on Instagram.


Real Name Anthony
Nick Name Tooturnttony
Gender Male
Date of Birth February 1, 1995
Birth Place Michigan, USA
Age 25 years old
Birth Sign Aquarius
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion N/A
Profession TikTok Star, Model
Height (approx.) N/A
Weight (approx.) N/A
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Sibling Dominick and Maria
Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Net Worth $500,000
Profiles Instagram, TikTok

Quick Information

Tooturnttony’s Childhood

He started creation videos when he was four years old. He and his father will pretend they are smoking on top of the car. Acting was something he was very passionate about. During his college years, he continued to produce films with his friends and was also associated with Vine, a social network that was later shut down.

He went to Western Michigan University for his schooling. His major was cinema, video, and media studies, and he finished with honours.

Highlights of Tooturnttony’s Career

Tooturnttony, commonly known as Anthony, has always had a fascination for acting and filming videos. He and his father used to perform with fake smokes as his father filmed his videos. But, prior to his TikTok fame, he worked as a model in the local modelling and fashion sector. He also continued to grow muscle and improve his fitness.

Tooturnttony, on the other hand, had always wanted to be a comic or an actor, and he was rather excellent at it. But his degree and work were keeping him from doing what he really wanted to do. Finally, he gained the opportunity to express himself creatively in early 2022, when he was isolated in his ranch and had unlimited access to TikTok.

But initially, he joined Vine and began posting hilarious videos there, and after Vine was removed, he moved on to TikTok. Anthony was well-known for his hilarious videos shot on his property with his mother and duck. From his films, he immediately gained a reputation and a following. Many young female fans began to follow him.

The Internet and Social Media

TooTurnttony has around 6 million followers on TikTok after joining the app in early 2022. Anthony’s Instagram account @tooturnttoni, which has approximately 370,000 followers, has also attracted a large following. Tooturnttony recently began posting YouTube videos, and two weeks after his first video, he had about 53000 subscribers.

Relationship Status: Tooturnttony

Tooturnttony is now single and working as a social media influencer and duck rancher as of 2022. He has not shared whatever about his love life or relationship status to date, thus he is most likely still single.

Is Tooturnttony Related to Anyone Else?

Tooturnttony frequently features his family in his TikTok videos, particularly his mother and siblings. He has a brother named Dominick and a sister named Maria, despite the fact that his parents’ names are still unknown.

Why Is Tooturnttony So Well-known?

From a young age, Anthony was obsessed with making videos and movies. He also attended college for a degree in film and video production. He was engaged in bodybuilding and gym when he graduated from high school. His body was in great shape and soon he was hired as a model.

She worked as a model for a while before quitting after landing a big-name job at a film production company. He was always making movies for his friends, so they encouraged him to do so on TikTok. He didn’t have enough time to make videos because he had a regular job.

During Covid 19, he had to stay in quarantine and work from home until the end of 2019. He has a share of free time to make TikTok videos. In early 2020, he started shooting TikTok videos. He used to make videos about a 25-year-old boy who annoys his mother.

None of the videos were planned by Anthony, but they were either taken off the cuff or based on actual incidents. He states that none of the videos were planned, but it is a basic principle that it be filmed as it happens. His videos are familiar to many post-teen boys and have a humorous effect.

What Is the Tiktok Star’s Net Worth? Too Turnt Tony Net Worth

Tooturnttony is a perfect illustration of how a single TikTok video can completely transform someone’s life in a single day. With his social media merch and partnerships, he is slowly but steadily accumulating the celebrity net worth he aspired to.

His projected net worth is currently $1 million, but we expect it to rise as a result of his commercials for Playboy, Celsius, and Tinder. If you look through his latest Instagram postings, you’ll notice a few advertisements, and you can only guess how much he charges every post.

Many people have become famous overnight and have millions of followers as a result of this social media site, but only time will tell if they are here to stay. Tooturnttony is slowly growing his presence on other platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram, so keep an eye on him there as well.

TooTurnttony is a prominent TikTok star with a lot of potential. On the social media stages TikTok and Instagram, he is well-known. Tiktok is his principal source of revenue. His net worth is predictable to be at $500,000 in 2022.

Tooturnttony’s Tiktok Account and How He Became a Social Media Star

Anthony’s career began as a model in New York, but he then moved on to work for a film production firm. He had to work from home when the Coronavirus epidemic hit in 2020, so he resorted to Tik Tok, a famous social media app, and his wacky movies went global overnight.

His official TikTok account has a following of over 12 million people. He also has a YouTube channel, however it only has “only” 133.000 subscribers. Take a peek at this video about his duck farm to see whether you’d like to subscribe as well.

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