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Pocket FM Mod Apk – Modded Version of the Original Pocket FM App
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Pocket FM Mod Apk – Modded Version of the Original Pocket FM App


Pocket FM MOD APK is the design of the technology, dressing you up with all those premium features you dreamed of within the official version.

Pocket FM MOD APK is an Android application that allows users to access a fantastic, extensive library of music, podcasts, and other audio content. The application will enable users to create unique personalized radio stations, playlists, and even the user’s favorite piece in the cloud.

It is powered by the Pocket FM Algorithm users’ machine learning to curate content according to the user’s preferences. The application is available in both free and paid versions, with the paid version providing access to more features & content.

The Pocket FM also includes features such as saving and sharing music, listening to new releases, following favorite artists, and creating custom playlists. The app consists of a sleep timer & the ability to stream offline.

In addition, the application includes a variety of genres, including Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and much more. Overall, with the Pocket FM Mod Apk, users can enjoy their favorite music & podcasts on the go, wherever they are.

Features of Pocket FM Mod Apk


Features of Pocket FM Mod Apk


  1. Unlocked All Premium Features
  2. No Ads
  3. Unlimited Everything
  4. Vip Unlocked

Pocket FM Mod Apk is a modded version of the original Pocket FM app, which has many modifications that help you enjoy the premium features of the applications accessible. Moreover, all the VIP episodes and content will be played automatically.

Mod features

VIP Membership – In the Pocket FM Mod Apk, you will get a VIP membership activated at no cost, which allows you to have all premium content on your finger. VIP Membership, No ADS, Full Application Unlocked, Premium Content

So, first of all, with the all-new Pocket FM Mod Apk Vip Unlocked Version of the application, users can quickly get restricted access to all the premium features and options, unlike the standard application, where you have to pay to get full access to the application with the modified version you have to download the app & you can start using all the exclusive benefits also.

With the help of this, users would be able to access the premium ADS-Free application, which has all the types of excellent content.

Multiple Languages, Multiple Podcasts, Fantasy Audiobooks

Multiple Languages, Multiple Podcasts, Fantasy Audiobooks

The Modified Version of the application supports multiple languages, which automatically enables the new and the old user to consume the content in their own preferred and native language in which they are comfortable. There are multiple podcasts that the user can always listen to with different fantasy audiobooks and a lot more such content.

Pocket FM Pro Apk is pretty popular among lovers of audio streaming services and thus has more than 5 million downloads.

So, what makes the pocket FM pro mod APK this popular? The answer is that it has many facilities at no cost as this is a mod apk. You will have access to several services that would otherwise cost you hundreds of monthly rupees for a subscription.


  • Brand new design for Pocket FM users
  • Bug fixes
  • performance improvement

Great Collection of Pocket FM Mod Apk

Plenty of Pocket FM Mod Apk audibles give you access to famous books and stories. But the problem with these platforms is that you will either have to pay premium monthly membership prices or tolerate those frequent ads.

But imagine those ads coming in between when you are just entering the climax part of the famous thriller story you are listening to. Wouldn’t it be frustrating?

Nothing is more annoying than hearing those annoying ads while enjoying your favorite writer or a book you love.

That is where the app comes to your rescue. This application has an extensive collection of thousands of books from several great authors from different timelines and nations.

There are audiobooks for books of different genres like drama, romance, action, suspense, and many more. So, no matter what your taste in literature is, there are books for every kind of book lover here.

As this is a MOD application, you will also have VIP access. Remember that you usually must pay big books for such premium platform features. All these factors make the Pocket FM Pro Mod Apk worth downloading and using!

How to Install Pocket FM Pro Mod Apk?

How to Install Pocket FM Pro Mod Apk?


  • Download “Pocket FM MOD APK”.
  • Install the Downloaded Apk without using the internet/wifi.
  • Open the Installer and complete your process.
  • Let it Install Completely In Your Android Device
  • Open the MOD APK App and Enjoy Free Unlimited Resources.

How to get a pocket fm VIP membership free?

  • Click on the banner for a unique code to claim your free membership.
  • Visit the Titan Encircle website.
  • Go to the offer zone.
  • Select Partner offers.
  • Click on Pocket FM Banner.
  • Get your unique code.
  • Claim your free membership from the Pocket FM app.


The Pocket FM Pro Mod Apk is an excellent application that provides access to various audio streaming services, including music, podcasts, FM, and English-speaking courses. So, although the app’s name suggests that it is for FM, it is a round audio application that you can use for a wide range of applications.

Remember, to avail of or enjoy as many facilities as offered by Pocket FM MOD APK, you will usually have to pay higher subscription fees or tolerate those ever-annoying ads. So, there is no doubt that the app is worth downloading.

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