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Rhinoplasty Surgery Write For Us

Rhinoplasty Surgery Write For Us – Rhinoplasty is considered one of the most challenging procedures in ear, nose and throat surgery on the head and neck. Careful planning and excellent surgical skills are prerequisites for good, reproducible results. More than 100 years after the first rhinoplasty, many controversies regarding indication and technique remain unresolved. This article determines to review current concepts and arguments.

Rhinoplasty is a joint operation in which few surgeons are known to master the wide range of technical nuances truly. considered a procedure that is not too difficult to perform but extremely challenging to achieve consistently excellent results. Rhinoplasty has changed significantly in recent decades, from a standardized reduction procedure to a highly differentiated problem-oriented procedure in which reduction, relocation and tissue augmentation are often combined. In addition, various techniques are popularized by opinion leaders. These sometimes conflicting approaches can confuse and intimidate novice and advanced surgeons. Even the expert will admit that “noses are difficult to predict”.

Planning and informed consent

Patient information and documentation of consent must meet the highest standards in the case of a primarily cosmetic procedure since these procedures are of secondary importance from a medical law perspective. The minimum requirement is a detailed consultation at least 24 hours before the operation. Preferably, a second preoperative consultation is scheduled to confirm or modify the initial surgical goal. The author of this review considers it worthwhile to offer a second consultation on computer imaging and include the imaging result in the informed consent form. It is advisable to have the information that the result of the operation differs from the simulated result. The patient must confirm that he accepts the risk

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