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Sports Write for Us – Any competitive physical action or game that tries to use, maintain, or enhance physical aptitude and skills while bringing enjoyment to participants and, in certain situations, amusement to spectators is referred to as sport. Through informal or formal engagement, sports can enhance one’s physical condition.

There are several sports, ranging from those with just one competitor to those with hundreds of players playing at once, either in teams or individually. Numerous competitors may participate concurrently or sequentially in some sports, like racing, with a single winner.

Two teams are rival against one another in the contest (a match). There can be a “tie” or “draw” in some sports; in others, there is always a winner and a loser according to tie-breaking procedures.

Several competitions could be set up in a competition that crowns a winner. By scheduling matches throughout a regular season of play, certain sports leagues determine an annual champion.

Sports that fit this description are accepted in major events like the Olympic Games. Sport is widely recognised as a system of activities based in physical athleticism or skill. Other organisations, like the Council of Europe, forbid non-physical activities from being categorised as sports.

Many competitive, non-physical hobbies, however, assert their status as mental sports. Chess and bridge are recognised as legitimate sports by the International Olympic Committee (via ARISF) and SportAccord.

The International Sports Federation Association limits the number of mental games that can be recognised as sports and recognises five non-physical sports: bridge, chess, draughts (checkers), Go, and xiangqi.

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