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Sutera Bath Stone Reviews – Is it Worth Buying? [2022]

Sutera Bath Stone Reviews – Is it Worth Buying? [2022]

Sutera Bath Stone Reviews – Is it Worth Buying? [2022]

Sutera Bath Stone Reviews – Few things are more relaxing than a trip to the bathtub. Whether it’s a relaxing bath or a soaking bath, we think we can all agree that bathing is a wonderful activity.

But later? What do you step on when you get out of the bathtub? If you don’t have some kind of bath towel, you run the risk of splashing water all over the floor – this can be a tripping hazard and cause you to fall, possibly dangerously.

Many people prefer traditional fabric-based bath towels, but these have their problems. Although they are easy to the touch, they can retain water and dirt. If the towels soak up too much water, the water will leak through the towel anyway. You also need to wash these towels regularly if you don’t want them to become a breeding ground for mold.

We originate this to be not only a pain to operate but also a drain on resources. It means washing and drying more than usual, which hurts your electricity and water bills, not to mention the influence it has on the environment.

One solution developed by companies like Sutera is called a diatomaceous earth bath mat, or Diomath for short. Diatomaceous earth is a particularly good material for drying, which we will discuss later in this article.

Basestone Sutera – Comprehensive Review

Basestone Sutera - Comprehensive Review

It is our goal to provide a clear and comprehensive review detailing the pros and cons of Sutera Basestone. For this, we divided it into different parts;

  1. The Basics and How It Works – Tells you the basics about the product.
  2. Eco-Benefits – If eco-friendly, explain how.
  3. Benefits – List all the benefits of using this product.
  4. Cons – List all the cons of using this product.
  5. Conclusion – The end result.
  6. End – end of thoughts.

Now, let’s talk about the first one.

The Basics & How It Works – Sutera Bath Stone Reviews

As we said earlier, Sutera Basestone is primarily made of a material called diatomaceous earth (abbreviated as “DE”). DE is a naturally happening mineral made from tiny aquatic fossils called diatoms.

DE is naturally porous, giving it the sole ability to dry very quickly. So when you stage out of the shower and step onto this mat, you can step out of it and watch the water evaporate in real time. It doesn’t take long – with a light wet, the towel can dry in seconds.

It dries quickly, so there’s no time for mold or mildew to set in.

While some stone bath rugs may choose to contain other minerals for their DE rugs, Sutera prefers to go all-in – their rugs are 100% diatomaceous earth.

What we similar most about DE is how multipurpose it is. When moisture reaches the surface, the material will attract bacteria and parasites. Once captured, they will be tied to it and dried, effectively killing them. This means that DE is also naturally antimicrobial.

For people with sensitive noses who hate the smell of moldy crap, DE is a great option. Dries quickly so it doesn’t smell or smell. In our opinion, it is probably odorless.

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Eco-Friendly Benefits

The use of DE has ecological benefits over traditional bath towels.

First of all, this bath towel is not made with any PVC, a chemical that can be found in other bath towels. PVC is toxic and can be engrossed into the body over long periods of time by inhalation and skin contact. This can turn into toxic PVC in the long run.

According to the CDC, PVC poisoning can lead to;

  1. Damage to the immune system.
  2. Hormonal disorders.
  3. Other serious health problems.

Fortunately, there seem to be fewer and fewer bath towels being made with PVC, opting for other materials. Even so, these alternative materials can still be harmful to the environment. here are some examples:

  1. Bath towel foam – Chemical additives like PBDE (polybrominated diphenyl ethers) can cause problems.
  2. Rubber bath towels – whose manufacture is associated with deforestation and may contain chemical additives.
  3. Cloth-based bath towels – may have non-eco-friendly materials attached to them and consume resources when cleaned.

Keep in attention that all of these things will eventually need to discard. Any of the chemically treated towels can end up leaching said chemicals into the surrounding environment, which can spell bad news over time. But hey, at least the tires are reusable.

DE skips all this. It doesn’t need to treat with chemicals, its harvest and production are eco-friendly and you can dispose of it guilt-free.

Pros – Sutera Bath Stone Reviews

Now that we’ve communicated about the benefits of DE, let’s talk about the pros specifically about Sutera Basestone.

What we really like about the Sutera Basestone is the value you get when you buy one. You don’t just get the pad – you also get a non-slip towel and a complimentary sanding tool.

The non-slip pad can place just below the pad and lock the stone pad in place. Of course, once it’s in place, it’s not going anywhere, giving you the freedom to shift your weight on the mat as you see fit. No need to worry about slipping and falling.

The sanding tool is a bonus they offer when supporting your stone masonry. You can vacuum the rug every few months to keep it clean and fresh. This increases its longevity and performance, allowing you to enjoy it for many years to come.


Now, let’s talk around some of the not-so-good parts of Basestone Sutera.

Remember that non-slip mat? It’s solid to say, but it looks like it’s made of rubber. Remember, rubber remains a material that cannot be thrown away only if you care about the environment.

Recycling rubber is important as it is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of it. While it may self-degrade, it will take a long time and potentially the chemicals will leak into the environment.

We must also confess that Sutera Basestone is not a miracle worker. When exposed to excessive water, the DE can sink. When this happens, mold and mold can grow. This happens at a abundant slower rate than traditional bath towels.

If this happens to your rug, you can usually fix it by removing it from the wet area and hanging it out to dry for a few days. He must fix it. If not, you should contact Sutera and explain your situation. You might just have a bad towel – if so, they’ll be happy to send you a replacement.


So, in the end, is the Sutera Basestone worth buying?

If you’re looking for something soft/fluffy on your feet and are willing to do the maintenance work, we think you can safely skip this one.

But if you’re looking for something low maintenance, eco-friendly and highly efficient, we can’t think of a reason not to buy the Sutera BathStone. The towel is great at what it does and on top of that it offers a free bonus. What is not to love? Yes, we recommend purchasing this stone bath mat.

If we had to give it a number, we’d give it 8.5 out of 10. It’s not groundbreaking, but it’s a solid option. Other customers seem to think so, judging by a bunch of high scores on the company’s website.

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