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Tennis- What is it? History, Rules, and More


What is tennis?

Tennis is a game will play on a rectangular-shaped court, which can be one of many surfaces. It will  playing with two players (single match). And also  four players (doubles game), players stand on opposite sides of the net and use a string racket to hit the ball back and forth.

Tennis – History

The origin of tennis dates back to the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Different theories place it in England or the north of France. That is will play with a racket on a rectangular pitch dividing  by a net. The ball must go over the net, bounce into the rival’s field, and the opponent must return it before he makes the second bounce. There is a box where the first hit ( serve or service ) must land, and then the entire rectangle can be use.

Many theories are trying to explain the reason for the its score: 0-15-30-40 and game… Matches are playing  to the best of 3 or 5 sets, and to win a group, you have to reach six games with two differences. In the event of a tie at six tournaments, a  tie-break or sudden death is plays, a competition to 7 points that define the winner of the set.

Tennis –  Rules

A series of relatively variable rules govern tennis. The Reminder of Professional of its Players, the ITF Women’s Circuit, and the Women’s Tennis Association include some rules that are different in their respective regulations. However, the vast majority of regulations are transversal to all federations. We are going to talk precisely about those  Basic rules.

Who serves first?

Although very important, there is not much mystery in this matter. Yes, the secret is provided by chance since it is decided by drawing lots. Either through a coin, as in soccer, or by turning a racket. Both players choose up or down, and whoever wins determines who serves and who remains in the match’s first game.

Tennis Serve

The player must have both feet behind the baseline, release the ball into the air with the hand and hit it with the racket before it touches the ground towards the diagonal section of the opponent’s court and without touching the net. Nor can he pass the rival court, in which case it will be a foul, and the player will have another chance to serve. The player who receives it must return it either before he hits the ground of his court or after taking a bounce.

But what exactly is the tie-break, one of the basic rules of tennis? It consists of sudden death to 7 points to tie the tie. Here, and as in the rest of the game, the difference to win it must be at least two points. If the tie-break goes 6-6, either player needs to win 8-6 to win it, not 7-6.

Tennis court

Tennis courts, unlike football courts, have stable dimensions that are mandatory for all of them. Precisely, 23.8 meters long by 8.2 meters wide for individual matches and 23.8 meters long by 11 meters wide for couples matches. The only thing that can vary in the different types of tennis courts is the surface: grass, clay, cement…


Another important tennis rule is the isolation of the player. And it is that it is forbidden to connect with your coach throughout the game, either orally or through signs. Only in specific versions of tennis, such as university tennis, is this statement between coach and player allows, which is very useful for preparing new game strategies.

Side Changes

Players change midfield throughout the game. This, of course, also follows pre-determining guidelines. Specifically, the players change at the end of the first, third, fifth and other odd games that may occur due to ties. And with this, you know all the rules of its game  in a nutshell. If you dare and need a court, remember that we are experts in the construction of tennis courts.

Who invented tennis?

He was considered the best tennis player by the best analysts and critics. As remaining  in the ATP Ranking for 302 weeks, never seen anything like this in history. He set a world record of 17 Grand Slam wins by a male tennis player.

Who is the best tennis player in the world?

The English soldier Walter Clapton Wing field is considered the inventor of tennis. He gave tennis in 1873 the Greek name sphairistike. He patented it, marketed it and made it fashionable in the society of his time, although people began to call it lawn tennis.


Tennis is a sport will play with rackets and a small ball. It can be play by two personalities (one against one) or two pairs (two people against the other two). The objective is to hit the ball so that it passes over the net that divides the court in half, trying to prevent the rival from returning it.

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Review Tennis- What is it? History, Rules, and More.

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