Top 5 Living Room Decoration Thoughts for Travel Lovers

Top 5 Living Room Decoration Thoughts for Travel Lovers

Many travel lovers want to keep their travel experience at home. The best and most effective way to achieve this is home decoration, while wall art is the most common form of decoration.

What excites you most about a trip? Then introduce them at home. It can be a person, a building, food, music, anything is fine as long as it fascinates you.

In addition, this article shares some decoration ideas that you, as a travel lover, can pay attention to in your living room.

a. Tropical Brutalism

The first form of design you might like to consider is tropical brutalism with multiple forms of creativity. Creativity includes;

  • Sea silhouettes
  • Concrete and Green
  • Commercial meets tropical
  • Palm trees and modernism
  • An atmospheric paradise

1. Choose Minimalist Décor

Tropical Brutity designs emerged in the middle of the century. Minimalists use it to describe concrete architecture.

These styles complement travel experiences and offer guests surprising themes.

The palm tree decoration is a traditional piece that is gradually being replaced by a tropical brutalist silhouette design. If you want somewhat cool and dark, this is the best style. You can also incorporate industrial-style lighting into your décor to spice things up.

2. Consider Concrete and Greenery Project

Especially for your living area, you can make a spectacular train ride with a colossal view of wall art. They can be lush green mountains, tropical pine trees, or a floral paradise.

It immediately sets the tone in beautiful places and complements the theme of the traveller. To make it come true, you can hang incredible wall murals that will transport you to those places through great illustrations.

3. Explore Tropical and Commercial Design

A tropical style can also serve a business purpose by improvising simple and functional elements. You can use exposed pipes and exposed brick to create an interesting design.

Palm trees are more modern with unfinished furniture designs. With slightly rough furniture you can create a modern and casual design. Create a plan view, also known as an illusion. Therefore, it creates a beautiful combination and paradise.

  • Southern Living Room Décor

Southern living room decor is luxurious, elegant, and comfortable. It is the perfect combination of timeless and modern designs.

The best forms of southern travel-inspired designs are:

  • Fresh plants
  • Always old
  • Fun basics

4. Choose Flora Designs

Fresh Flora is wall art that blends perfectly with interior and exterior decorations. If you want to duplicate the outdoor garden, you can still do it in your living room. You should arrange the flowers majestically and make sure they are not overcrowded.

To show the true quality of southern decor, use only live plants, as artificial plants only make them look fake.

5. Combine Tradition with Modern Designs

You can go vintage with southern decor using traditional antique furniture. Tradition is the key element of a southern design, but you can add a classic touch to create a beautiful antique. Also, make sure you choose a high quality, traditional and natural design. Ancient beauty is best manifested.

Entertainment paraphernalia includes adequate space for visitors. This also includes ample furniture for optimal fun and enjoyment. Show that you can host as much as possible. Therefore, southern décor should be exciting and intriguing.


You can mix and match the southern and tropical brutalist decor for the best interior result. Beauty is best created when you combine tradition with trends and a bit of mother nature. As a traveller, you will be fascinated by these fascinating wall art ideas.

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