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Treatment Of Wound Care at Home – Definition, Types, Healing Potential and More

Treatment Of Wound Care at Home – Definition, Types, Healing Potential and More

Treatment Of Wound Care at Home – Definition

Treatment Wound care at home means well-taken care. In a minor wound, simple careful washing with warm water and soap eliminates most germs. However, an equally cautious rinsing must follow this step because some antiseptics can inactivate soap. Wounds can be simple or complex. In the case of superficial damage, simple disinfection is sufficient. For more severe injuries, specific treatments must be put in place. If an infection occurs, antibiotic treatment is necessary.

You can call on Marine Lambrechts, your nursing practice, to treat your wounds. We are competent to perform home care on all forms of damage. We operate in Ixelles and neighbouring towns.

Treatment  Of Wound Care  at Home  – Types

Surgical wound

Surgical wound

This type of wound is due to a surgical operation. Its healing does not typically pose any problem. Disinfection is still necessary to avoid the risk of infection. Whenever treating a surgical wound at home saves you from travelling to a health centre during your recovery.

Traumatic wounds: these wounds are the result of an accident.  However, it  depending on the case, Burns, cuts or fractures need specific treatment to evolve in a clean and healthy environment. Your home nurse is best positioned to carry out your dressings and avoid complications.

Chronic wounds: lesions that do not heal within a defined period. They can, in particular, be due to diabetes and can take the form of an ulcer or bedsores. Whenever, home treatment of this type of wound improves patient comfort. We take care of your different types of wounds. Contact us if you need to redo your dressings at home.

Treatment  Of Wound Care  at Home  – Healing Potential

A wound corresponds to an interruption of the skin covering; two types of injuries are acute and chronic. The healing potential of a wound will depend on local conditions and the general condition of the patient; the healing process is described in 4 phases:

1) inflammatory – detergent, 2) proliferative – angiogenetic, 3) epimerization, 4) remodeling

Wound treatment aims to:

  • Preserve the stratum corneum of the epidermis around the wound
  • Prevent critical infection or colonization
  • Prevent induced pain caused by the wound or dressing
  • Limit the use of antiseptics, particularly in the case of chronic wounds with reduced healing potential
  • Ensure the patient receives adequate hydration and protein-calorie intake
  • Avoid friction and pressure throughout healing.

The purpose of the dressing is to maintain a moist environment conducive to healing without causing maceration. However the treatments to relieve the induced pain are prescribed and planned to respect the application times. The written transmission of the follow-up of the evolution of the wound is essential

Our services

Varicose or arterial ulcers We use the latest care techniques to guarantee optimal care of your wounds, venous or arterial.


During the first visit, we evaluate the risks and factors favouring the occurrence of pressure sores. Together with you and your general practitioner, we look for the best solutions to relieve and treat you.

Post-operative wounds

After surgery, our nurses check and ensure that your post-operative wounds heal properly. We support you throughout the healing process.


The necessary care is defined by your attending physician and our nursing team for optimal and personalized care. We thus guarantee rapid healing, and we will do everything to relieve your pain.

Diabetic Feet

In agreement with your doctor and you, we set up the appropriate treatment for your wound. A healthy lifestyle and regular monitoring of your blood sugar will contribute to the excellent evolution of your damage.

External Fixators

The use of an external fixator requires a technical and special dressing. Our teams are there to ensure that it is appropriately implemented. In addition, an external fixator can significantly complicate the essential acts of life (moving, washing, eating). We can offer you additional help to relieve you daily on a simple request.

Probe Care

Our nurses can carry out your catheter care (urinary, gastric, etc.) directly at your home for more comfort and less stress. This way, you avoid having to move.


In collaboration with your stoma therapist, your attending physician and our healthcare team, we do everything to provide optimal care for your stoma.

Dressings With Drains

Technical dressings with the presence of one or more drains (wicking, redons, etc.) require specific care. Our teams can step in and take care of it.


Treatment of wound care at home is a  wound is a break in the skin caused by trauma. It can cause bleeding, sometimes significant, or be following by infectious complications. These are more serious when the wound touches a joint and most often occur because of insufficient initial disinfection or the presence of a foreign body in the injury. However, wounds can also cause sequelae in the event of neglected nerve, tendon or joint damage. Even if it looks benign, a wound on the hand must therefore be the subject of a meticulous medical examination.

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