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Drug Rehab – What is drug rehab?, Centers, Diseases caused by drugs, and More

Drug Rehab

What is drug rehab?

Drug rehab is a process in which the person tries not to return to the use of the substance, fundamentally with psychotherapeutic treatment, with the aim of living without consuming, improving their psychosocial functioning, and having healthy habits.

Drug Rehab Centers in Arizona

Are you tired of living under the influence of addictive substances and about to lose your loved ones, your friends and even your life. Then we recommend that you ask for help. Only by being willing to improve can you change a lot. If you want to do it, you just have to use our page and you will be able to find the best drug rehab centers in Arizona . Whenever, choose a center that you like, get in touch with its representative and you will find out what you must do to change your life.

When you are addict to drugs, you are not in control of your own life. Drugs can take over your world and make it difficult to live normally or enjoy the simple things. Whenever, an addiction needs to be treats at an Arizona rehab center to properly remove this destructive habit from your life. There are many different drugs that are addictive. You may have an addiction to opiates, stimulants, cannabinoids, hallucinogens, dissociative drugs, club drugs, or others. Whenever,  you have an addiction to any of these substances, you need help. It’s not easy to cure an addiction, but you can when you get the help you need from a reputable Arizona drug rehab.

Diseases caused by drugs

Whenever, People who abuse alcohol and other drugs get sick more often and more seriously than those who do not use.  However, substance use has been link to an increasing likelihood of cancer, liver, stomach, lung, skin, and urinary system problems, brain damage and seizures, HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis and mental health problems. Thus, drugs are the fifth cause of death in the world. In addition, addicted people are more likely to have a poor diet, which increases the chances of suffering from any of the diseases mentioned above.

List of diseases

Cardiovascular diseases

Cocaine is associating with heart-related problems such as high blood pressure, arrhythmias, the formation of blood clots or narrowing of the arteries. Whenever, the consumption of addictive substances leads to this type of myocardial failure, it is because the heart is no longer able to pump blood due to a progressive dilation of one of the ventricles.

Liver diseases

Alcohol consumption affects the liver and is one of the main causes of hepatitis and cirrhosis. Various types of substances severely affect the liver. It is very common for addicted people to have a yellowish color due to problems with their liver. Drug use causes increasing  fat in the liver. This is because these fats are not burn on a regular basis, and by not burning on a regular basis,  the liver does not complete its functions well.

Kidney diseases

Chronic renal failure is typical in alcohol addicts. But almost all substances end up attacking kidney function. In long-term addicts, it is common for the kidney to stop

Mental Illnesses

Drug use causes certain  behavioral changes.  Drugs cause people to be impulsive, but in a bad way. You don’t know how to handle complex situations and you react violently. Feelings of confusion, depression, anxiety, bad mood, panic attacks, mistrust, etc. are common. It is true that these symptoms appear in an  already advance consumption phase .Episodes of  psychotic paranoia , where knowledge of reality can be completely lost. Its power has been proven as a trigger for psychotic symptoms and schizophrenia.

Infectious Diseases

With drug abuse,  unprotected sex is more likely  , with the risks of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmit diseases that this entails.

Digestive diseases

Poor nutrition causes the patient to develop diseases such as gastritis, hepatitis, pancreatitis or peritonitis that in the case of a person without addiction are easy to treat, in an addict they can trigger serious consequences.

Blood diseases

Many substances are injectable into the blood with the risk that this entails. Addicts can develop problems with:

Respiratory diseases

Tobacco  is relating to bronchopulmonary  cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, ischemic heart disease, and cerebrovascular disease.

As for  cannabis  and its derivatives, it favors the appearance of respiratory problems due in part to the use of tobacco to consume them.

Physical risks

Dependent persons are more frequently injured and killing by  accidents . This is because under the influence of substances, bad decisions or unnecessary risks are made that lead to losing control.

10- Social risks

Drugs and the diseases associates with them affect the  family, social and work system  of the addict individual, which further complicates the picture and makes the person enter a spiral from which it is very difficult to get out without help.

Substance use is especially  dangerous  in the following situations:

How to quit drugs?

If drugs or alcohol  are causing serious problems in your life,  talk to your doctor or a specialist.  Whenever your family has notice it but you haven’t, don’t make any more excuses, ask for help from your doctor, a specialist or start reading health websites special in this problem on the internet How to quit alcohol.


the most common diseases causes by drug use . Although the eduse and abuse of substances has increases in recent decades, the resources allocating to end this problem are much lower than in the case of other diseases.

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