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xResolver: What it is, Why it Matters, and What you can do

xResolver: What it is, Why it Matters, and What you can do


Grab the IP addresses of your opponents on numerous gaming consoles with xResolver and its alternatives. xResolver is a web-based database that supplies the IP addresses of online gamers. xResolver grabs these IP addresses after the usernames of the companies. The X in the name of this online file signifies the Xbox console. However, it is still accomplished of working with other gaming consoles. As a result, occasionally, it is also called PlayStation resolver and Xbox resolver.

Let’s thoroughly appreciate about xResolver.

What is xResolver?

xResolver is the online service that annals the Gamertags and IP addresses of the Xbox, Playstation, and PC players. xResolver has been explicitly planned to preserve the username and Gamertag after the hackers went online. The main goal of xResolver is to carry changes of Gamertags and usernames into IP addresses.

To carry out these functions, xResolver contains an Xbox resolver that uses bots to scrap data. This data comprises the username of the Xbox player, ISP address, and IP address.

What does xResolver Do?

xResolver stores publicly available information regarding gamers’ IP addresses, relationships with Gamertags, and online profiles. Note that this specific info on blocking your IP on Xbox is publicly available since it isn’t technically illegal to part it on a public website.

The problem with xResolver 1.0 is that the caring person who wants to know which IP address competitions up with your particular profile likely doesn’t have your best meanings. Your networks wouldn’t care what your IP address or xResolver blocklist link is, so who would? A hacker.

xResolver allows interested gatherings to access private information that ties your online individuality to your physical internet connection. From this point forwards, the xReslover user can target you in various ways, including DDOS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks.

So theoretically, let’s say you beat a player badly in a League of Legends competitive game. Said the player gets angry and wants to get even. They could go to, type in your Gamertag/PSN ID, obtain your IP address, and then target your internet connection to slow it.

Features of xResolver

xResolver comes with a large number of thrilling features. Let’s take a look at about of them.

Identification of Geo Location

xResolver lets you classify the geographical location of your opponent. Its IP lookup facility enables you to achieve this. This is one of the essential data concerning the IP address of the player. And hence this eye becomes the most fascinating one.

IP Logger

With xResolver, you can make customized links. You can grab their IP addresses by distributing these links to people. These customized links help in clutching information related to the browser and location. The IP logger enhances the functionality of xResolver and helps detect the Incognito mode.

User-Friendly Interface and Functioning

The working procedure of xResolver is quite simple. You can classify the IP address of your adversary in just minutes. Finding Gamertag is also quite simple.


Blocklisting of Personal IP Address

Blocklisting is one of the significant topographies you can purchase separately with xResolver. This feature lets you hide your data and IP address from your opponents. Regardless of their tech-savviness, they can’t find your details at all.

Both Gamertag Resolver and PSN username

xResolver comes with a great set of topographies and functionality for Xbox and PlayStation users. The collection of tools currently simplifies extracting data related to IP addresses. For traveling Gamertags and usernames, you don’t essential to look for bots on the internet. The artificial intelligence that it joins makes things much easier and more convenient.

Lanc Remastered PCPS

Lanc Remastered PCPS


Lanc Remastered PCPS is an able PSN/Xbox resolver desirable as a Gamertag IP puller, and it sniffs besides pulls IP addresses from PSN and Xbox live betting sessions. Also, it helps you effortlessly resolve the Gamertag of your opponents to IP addresses.

It is an entirely free resolver that container be usual up quickly and conveniently. Lanc Remastered PCPS is well-matched with Xbox, PC, PlayStation, and any video game you play. It originates as an application installed on your PC, and its database can be retrieved online. It is one of the finest replacements for xResolver.


OctoSniff is an IP sniffer that lets you enhance your gaming joining. It has exciting topographies, such as easy connection, many tutorials, and 24/7 support. Its user-friendly border makes it easy for you to study to access it. This resolver is 100% free from malware.

OctoSniff lets you automatically classify packets. You can identify which packs are the IPs of game servers and which are pending from Xbox chats. This is the only tool that delivers PS4 Username AI functionality. This feature lets you identify the connotation of packets with their respective owners.

Xbox Booter

Xbox Booter


Xbox Booter offers the final IP grabber, IP booter, and IP puller for gamers using the Xbox console.

Its IP Booter consists of intricate layers four and seven that bouts to boot gamers offline. Its IP puller lets you sniff and pull IPs after the Xbox console, and the IP grabber that it topographies enables you to extract IP addresses finished a network monitoring or logger app.

Console Sniffer

Console Sniffer is a network research and display tool that is the whole thing for all consoles. It lets you understand the IP address and username of the people you are rivals within the gameplay. This does not need jailbreak and works over Wifi or wireless connection.

Console Sniffer originates with a simple setup, does not need cables, and is compatible with VPNs. Once you have bought it, you can promptly download and start using it. Besides gaming consoles, the whole thing is on only Windows-based computers.

Psycho Coding

Psycho Coding is the Xbox live data hunt file offering LANC, PCPS, and more Xbox tools. Also, letting you travel Xbox gamer data provides VPN servers for seven locations. These sites include Sydney, Canada, France, London, Hillsboro, Germany, and Eygelshoven.


Cakes offer an Xbox XUID grabber that lets you excerpt the XUID employing the Gamertag of your opponent. This resolver does not supply any XUIDs or Gamertags. With this, you need to arrive at the Gamertag of the player. Select the arrangement from the two options, which are Hexadecimal and decimal. And as you click on the Resolution button, it will come up with the XUID associated with the Gamertag.

What to do if you are registered on xResolver

The xResolver website lets anybody type in a Gamertag/PSN ID and see if the website already has information relating to that account’s IP address. The homepage claims they have almost 25 million accounts ‘resolved.’

It isn’t good if you are listed in the xResolver database, but it isn’t the end of the world. As stated before: just being on there doesn’t mean someone is actively trying to harm you, and it just means that you played a game online with a piece-of-shit hacker; they scraped your data and then published it.

The xResolver website, and others like them, claim they will ‘blacklist’ your information if you pay for a premium service. And while one specific website might wipe this information from its database, it won’t ensure its competitors do the same.

What’s going on is they are trying to scam you out of your hard-earned cash. Honestly, they don’t have the power to protect you, so they needn’t be bargained with.

Instead, the best course of action is to change your IP address and protect it in the future.

How to change your IP address and protect yourself

Changing your IP address might be as simple as turning your router on and off, depending on your particular hardware and setup. You want to alter your public IP address (not your local one), so it’s more complicated than switching it on your relevant device.

As suggested before, the easiest solution regarding for PS4 may be to unplug your router for a few minutes and see if it changes. You can check your IP address on the following free website. This process should give you a new IP address, but it won’t stop another hacker from putting your further information on xResolver if your data gets scraped again.

A more permanent solution would be to invest in a VPN. VPN providers not only make switching your IP address easy, but they also help keep it private from hackers and scammers alike. VPN services are affordable and can provide some extra benefits too.

We hope this little guide has helped alleviate your stress relating to xResolver. They aren’t a good bunch, that’s for sure, but we shouldn’t let them get in the way of our fun. Gaming is for everyone, and that’s, quite simply, the end of the discussion.

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