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Christmas Marketing For Small And Medium Businesses

Christmas Marketing


Every buyer likes good deals. If such contracts solve problems and meet shoppers’ interests, consumers will love them even more. This Christmas marketing idea can help your small business increase average order value, give your buyers a deal, and save time searching for presents.

Christmas marketing campaigns communicate messages to an audience to attract customers, boost sales, and improve brand awareness at Christmas time.

In the lead-up to Christmas, many businesses opt to conduct a ’12 Days of Christmas’ promotion, giving out daily deals and prizes to encourage sales. Many marketing campaigns take place in the four weeks leading up to Christmas, which begin four Sundays before Christmas and finish on December 24th.

Christmas Marketing For Small And Medium Businesses

Towards the end of the year, there was a tendency for citizens to consume more. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Cyber Week .all these are the starters that keep us going that Christmas is coming. If you have a local business, you need to do more marketing at Christmas. Then at any other time of the year. And when you’re on a tight budget for ad campaigns. You need to be creative to promote your business and the products you sell online.

In this post today, we’ll look at some ideas and tips for small (and not-so-small) businesses to do Christmas marketing, even if they’re on a tight budget.

All these ideas that we will see next can be as expensive as you need money, or you can invest in any of them.

Full creativity for Christmas marketing

Decorate your website and social networks for Christmas

Change the web banner for another banner of the company, but with Christmas motifs. Do the same with your social media headers. Or add something to the logo of your profile picture, for example, the typical Santa hat.

Use the banner space and social headers to provide information about the star promotion you have this Christmas or any other benefit or benefit that you would like to spread to customers and online users of your company.

When you manage your social media, you are used to working with online design tools that make it easy to create images for the web and social media like Canva.

→ And if you haven’t already done so and need our help, we can train you to use these tools or design the parts you think are necessary.

Run a Christmas contest or give away one of your products

Assuming that running a giveaway does not mean holding a prize giveaway * and that not all companies are likely to be able to give away their products without any problems, you can consider an event in this sense as a marketing strategy for Christmas.

You can even agree with other local businesses and exchange products (your company is giving products to each other and vice versa). By doing this, you are helping to promote your business to your followers, which is true in reverse.

→ If you have never created a giveaway on your company’s social media and have questions about how to do it, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be happy to director you and train you in the correct execution.

* In summary, in a contest, the prize is awarded to the person who has best fulfilled the established requirements, and in a raffle, the prize is awarded at random.

Take advantage of email marketing to congratulate the holidays and offer a product or service

Online or e-commerce stores often collect different types of data from their customers, such as emails. The same is the case with most blogs, corporate or not, offering a free subscription to their content.

Whether you do email marketing regularly or not, using Christmas to celebrate the holidays and offer a product or service is an excellent opportunity to remind these users that your business still exists.

→ Email marketing is one of the firstborn and most powerful online marketing tools. If you have not yet implemented it in your company. Think about it because it can give you much more enjoyment than you imagine. At Global Marketing, we can help you get started or manage it directly.

Produce a special/exclusive Christmas edition of a product

For many companies or product types, the second week of December can be late to implement this holiday marketing strategy. If this is the case with your corporation, write it down next year.

However, if your business allows it, create a unique and exclusive edition of some best-selling products. The feeling that something is special and will soon be out of the market attracts many buyers. Then, to bridge the gap, I think about the mass purchase of toilet paper during the coronavirus crisis.

Don’t saturate your audience with too much promotion and information

Don’t saturate your social media followers with too much advertising and communication. For example, if you are constantly bombarded with posts on your Facebook page. It’s easy for people to choose to hide posts due to saturation on your page. Remember that neither Facebook nor Instagram is Twitter.

Evoke emotions in your posts

Although not all people indeed experience Christmas with the same interest or feeling, in reality, it is a time of reunions, dinners, and meals with friends, family and colleagues, days of joy and happiness for the smallest of the house. .. take the opportunity to awaken emotions and address the feelings of your followers on social networks.

And remember, if you have to buckle down for Christmas, you can do all of this on a tight budget. Regardless of how much funding you invest in promoting your publications on social networks. You will not do it if the marketing strategy and the campaigns are not well defined in terms of a target audience. Campaign objective, and others. They are giving results. What do you want?

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