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COD Warzone Patch Notes: Pinched Guns and Fixed Major Issues

Warzone Patch Notes

Warzone Season 4 launches and proves to be a resounding success with the new Fortune’s Keep map and new weapon selection. However, there are some major issues with all activities that ruin the experience for some players. Thankfully, most of these issues have been fixed in the most recent patch, along with some minor balance tweaks to Warzone’s best weapons.

We’ll give you the full Warzone patch notes and break them down so you know what to expect when you get back in the action.

Call of Duty Warzone Patch Notes

The update is rolling out via across all platforms, including PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Full patch notes here:

Bug Fixes


Assault Rifles

Warzone Pacific August 02 patch notes: Major Sniper Rifle buffs, Serpentine nerf, bug fixes Warzone Patch Notes

Developers Raven Software released a patch on August 02  to deliver the Serpentine nerf shown in the Season 4 Reloaded patch notes, improved sniper rifles, and some bug fixes.

Warzone Patch Notes Pacific Season 4 Reloaded arrived on August 01, bringing the new Vargo-S assault rifle, Rebirth of the Dead mod, and Titanium Trials mod later in the season.

It didn’t take long for the designers at Raven Software to release another update, with another patch arriving on August 02 . This update buffs every sniper rifle in the game and offers the Serpentine nerf shown in the patch notes.

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Sniper rifles were improved in the Warzone update on August 02  Warzone Patch Notes

Warzone’s sniper rifles received a major nerf in the Season 3 update, reducing their range and removing the ability of some weapons to perform a one-shot headshot at any range.

This headshot range is now extended across the board, so faster sniper rifles should be more useful, especially in Rebirth and Fortune Keep. But heavy shooters still have to venture into the caldera.

Serpentine Berk in Warzone Patch Notes August 02  Update

Ever since Season 3 Reloaded came out, players have complained about the Serpentine, saying it was the “dumbest” perk ever added to CoD.

After the Season 4 Reloaded update, Raven made good on her promise and reduced her damage from 20% to 15%, where “it’s still a valuable buff, but less impactful on average TTK.”

Warzone Pacific August 02  update Warzone Patch Notes


We’ve seen a optimistic change in kill metrics since the sniping update in Season 3. The intent was to lean into smaller maps so that Aggressive Snipers vs Heavier would fit better on the larger map. Despite the small adoption rate (~9.5%), our data shows that snipers are still sanctioned with kill rates rivaling that of popular weapons.

However, we like to lean into the weapon to map the mark harder, and all snipers get roughly a 35% bonus to their max damage range. Light pistols, with their damage range setting, will now more reliably cover the usual lines of sight found on Rebirth Island and Fortune Keep. The goal is to never make fast ADS snipers the dominant weapon in every situation again, so if things start to go that way, we’ll be making specific changes to the other stats on those unique weapons.

Warzone Expert Proves Max Strafe Speed SMG Loadout Outshines H4 Blixen

In Warzone, it will be difficult to deal with players zooming in on the map. Thanks to ultra-fast movement, we’ve all missed situations where the enemy dominates a firefight.

However, in Season 4 Reloaded, Warzone expert Iceman Isaac revealed the SMG loadout you should use at the opposite end of that matchup. The content creator claims that by increasing attack speed and ADS walking movement speed, he will increase his melee skill.

Sniper Guns

Offers – Warzone Patch Notes


We saw positive adoption of Serpent across facilities and an increase in average appointment time. We’ve reduced the bonus damage mitigation, so it’s still a valuable buff, but the impact to average TTK is minimal. We are monitoring this space closely and will make any necessary changes.

Bug Fixes

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