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Cricket Game – History, Objective, Ball, and More

Cricket Game – History, Objective, Ball, and More

Cricket Game

Cricket is a game or sport, there are two teams of eleven players each face each other. It is playing much like baseball in that one team’s player bats and tries to get runs while the other team has to stop him. When they play on a grass field, more or less oval, whose extension must not be less than a football field. It is a trendy sport, mainly in the British Commonwealth of Nations countries.

Cricket History

The origin of cricket is in England, but it is not clear when there is a theory that the history of Cricket began. when it was inventing  by children from the communities locates between Kent and Sussex in medieval times. By 1550 it was already being playing  in some schools. And later, in the 17th century. Whenever, cricket spread to the south of England, where organizes matches were playing  with 11 players per side. By the end of the 18th century, it was already the country’s national sport. And the Middlesex Country Club (MCC) was creates, which set the rules and supervising the game until 1969.

Cricket Objective

The main objective in cricket games is to carry out races, quite similar to those of baseball. In times determining by innings or innings that generally range from one to two and that within themselves, according to the rules of some leagues, have timeouts or breaks to carry out a technical guide. However, On the other hand, the development of cricket matches is done mainly in a field of dimensions similar to those of a baseball field. The elusive ball has a considerable lot of action and allows the game to be playing with greater freedom.

Cricket comes from the English word crick, which means:

crook or shepherd’s cane; that was the shape of the first slightly curving bats of the 18th century. In 1877, the first test Match between England and Australia was held in Melbourne, Australia. Today, the cricket bat is a flat, paddle-shaped bat made of willow wood It measures 96 cm long by 10.8 cm wide and has a cane handle. The dimensions of the field of play range from 133 by 152 m and 160 by 168 m. Thrower Kapil Dev from India broke the record, knocking down 434 rakes in his 24 years of competition.

The ball


The cricket ball is solid and similar in size to a tennis ball. It weighs 156 and 163 grams and is made of twine rope wound around a cork core and covering  in leather about half a centimeter thick. This seam protrudes a few millimeters from the spherical surface, constituting an “imperfection” called the seam in English, which fast bowlers exploit.

Cricket balls lose speed and shape with use, the teams try always to keep one half shiny by polishing it with their clothes and letting the other half wear down and get rough. This situation produces an aerodynamic reverse-swing effect, meaning that a pitch that would have been an out-swinger on a new ball can unexpectedly become in-swinged on an old one, trapping the lbw batter.

Players may not use any artificial method to accentuate its roughness, other than natural wear. However, it is allowing to use natural substances such as saliva or sweat. Whenever interfering with the ball’s condition is considers very foul play.

Game rules

People often say that the most prominent religion in India is Cricket. Watching cricket matches in India is usually a family affair. You will often find conversations at workplaces or social gatherings about the latest cricket match. To help you be a part of such conversations, we bring to you Cricket’s basic rules and regulations and how scoring works Cricket.

Basic Rules of Cricket Game

Cricket rules are not that complicating to understand. Cricket involves five essential equipment the ball, the bat, the wickets, stumps, and the bails. These are the ABCs of Cricket and will help you understand the rest of the rules. Cricket is a team game playing between two teams of 11 players each. The 11 players constitute batsmen, bowlers, and a wicketkeeper.

The match is usually playing on a large circular or oval-shaped ground, there is also a smaller inner oval with a 22-yard pitch at the center. There are three wickets at each end of the pitch with two wooden bails atop them. The match is broken down into separate sections called balls, one delivery of the ball bowling by a bowler to a batter. Six of these balls form an over. Cricket is playing between two teams, each made up of eleven players.

The rules of Cricket are pretty, as has already been said, similar to those of baseball. However, an essential part that distinguishes cricket is the so-called batons and the crossbars. Whenever the first ones, unlike those of baseball, are flattening and allow. The ball has more excellent contact with said element, thus allowing it to hit the ball more easily.

On the other hand, the second is an element or element. As its name indicates, crossbars, which are locates behind the batter and that. If touching  or knocking down, are the primary means of achieving an “out.”


In the event of a player failing to comply with instructions by an umpire, the umpire concerns shall in the first place report. However, the matter to the other referee and the player’s captain and instruct the latter to take action.


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