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DIY Sea Salt Spray with Essential Oils

DIY Sea Salt Spray with Essential Oils

When the sea calls and you want to rock textured beachy waves, this DIY sea salt spray will give your hair the natural look and feel you want without the heavy buildup of chemicals and additives. This homemade sea salt spray will set you back a fraction of what store-bought sea salt sprays cost and contains a moisturizing oil to help condition your hair as you style it.

Key Ingredients

This homemade sea salt spray recipe is different from many others online because magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) is the main salt and mineral-rich sea salt. The use of Epsom salts is well documented and promoted by health professionals worldwide, and they are also making waves in the beauty industry. When styling hair, magnesium sulfate is less drying than sea and creates softer, healthier waves than traditional salt spray recipes. Mineral-rich sea salt is crucial in this recipe to nourish the scalp and promote better hair growth.

Because of the added anti-caking agents, some of which contain aluminium derivatives, I don’t recommend making a hairspray with regular salt. When made with quality ingredients and added oils, unlike chemical-laden salon products, the sea can be very beneficial for your hair. Additional benefits of the sea include naturally lightening hair if desired; apply to hair before spending time in the sun. For soft, natural beachy waves, grab a good spray bottle and use the following ingredients in addition to Epsom salt.

How to Make DIY Sea Salt Spray

In a small bowl, add 8 grains of hot (not boiling) water, Epsom salts, sea salt, argan oil, and essential oil. Stir well to mix. Gently pour the hot water mixture into your spray bottle. Put the cap on the spray bottle and shake well to bind for about 30 seconds. The homemade sea can be stored at room temperature and has a shelf life of at least three months.

How to Use Sea Salt Spray

Lightly mist your sea salt spray on dry, straight hair to add texture, or at the roots to add volume. For natural beach waves that last all day, spray on damp hair, rub through, and blow-dry with a diffuser. For best results, rinse after use, then apply with a good conditioner or hair mask.

What does salt marine spray do to your hair?

Saltwater hairspray is great for adding texture to the hair and promoting natural waves that last all day. When applied to the hair before sun exposure, the saltwater bouquet can unsurprisingly alleviate hair finished period. Adding essential lemon oil to your DIY sea salt spray can also help boost the hair’s lightning ability.

Is brackish sea spray bad for your hair?

A homemade sea salt spray is an excellent alternative to chemical-laden hair treatments. However, sea salt can have a drying effect on the hair shaft if it is the main salt used. That’s why it’s best to use Epsom salts in conjunction with mineral-rich sea salt to reduce the dehydrating effect. I do not endorse using this daily to avoid over-drying your hair.

What does the sea salt bunch do for straight hair?

Sea salt spray adds texture and capacity to straight hair, resulting in a fuller look. Alternatively, spray on damp hair before bed and braid loosely to wake up to lasting breakers.

Is sea salt respectable for hair growth?

Rich in magnesium, commonplace, iodine, sulfur, potassium, calcium, atomic number 11, zinc, and many reserves, sea salt can promote strong hair growth by supporting healthy scalp skin. For added benefits, use your marine salt as a scalp massage to remove dead skin cells. This upsurges cell metabolism and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. The minerals also help strengthen cell membranes, detoxify the scalp, reduce inflammation, and soothe skin irritation. Adding rosemary essential oil to your homemade sea salt spray can also help improve hair health.

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