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Does the mask affect sports performance?

mask affect sports performance

Does the mask affect sports performance?

We have been wearing the mask for some time due to the prevention protocols against COVID-19. And as such, it must be adhered to to keep everyone healthy.

Although the restrictions are gradually being eased, the mask requirement still applies—no need to take it with you for individual outdoor sports activities.

What is the distance to keep?

The recommended safety distance varies depending on the activity to be carried out. Therefore, those who enjoy walking should keep a distance of 10 meters. Those who ride a bicycle must maintain a distance of 20 meters, while those who wander are 4 meters.

In addition, you need to take into account the speed. The higher the rate, the greater the safety distance maintained. If these distances cannot be maintained, it is advisable to wear the mask during sports practice. But, have you ever considered whether the show’s use can affect sports performance?

How to use masks when doing sports

The mask must completely cover the mouth and nose during the sports break. Over time, the show will become damp, reducing its effectiveness.

Remember that the virus likes moisture. Therefore, you must safeguard that the mask is in good condition before playing any sport.

It is advisable to use a different one each time you perform any physical activity. In any case, try not to exercise too much, as wearing a mask is quite uncomfortable.

How does the use of a mask affect sports?

The use of the mask during sports activity can cause discomfort. For example, you may feel overwhelmed by shortness of breath.

Wearing masks can create this feeling of hyperventilation, which can affect athletic performance or lead to increased fatigue.

Remember that there is less airflow to our lungs when we wear the mask. As a result, less oxygen reaches our muscles, which can affect training and performance.

Some tests have shown that the cloth mask reduces performance and physical resistance during exercise, especially when high intensity. Users complained of shortness of breath and others of claustrophobia, which they felt as soon as the power of the workouts increased.

With all this, any physical activity must consider the frequency, duration, intensity, and type of movement to be carried out with a mask.

Healthy people are more likely to get used to the mask, and oxygen metabolism is more efficient. This takes some getting used to. To do this, it must be used gradually, gradually increasing the distance travelled and the speed.

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