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How sports creams influence

How sports creams influence

How sports creams influence

Apply cold or heat? That’s one of the big questions athletes ask. And it is extremely important to know how sports creams affect our performance and pardon are the best ways to regenerate muscle.

What sports creams influence

First of all, we must distinguish the different types of sports creams that exist.

We usually find versions with a cold effect and others with a heating effect. Now we will see the differences between the two.

Cold effect creams

They are used to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. They are used in the first hours of discomfort and we can repeat their application for several days until we notice an improvement.

With its use, we can shorten recovery times to a certain extent and we will feel greater lightness and relief.

As for the amount that we should use, it depends on the type of injury. For example, if you’ve sprained your ankle and it’s nothing serious, just apply a small amount to the spot; In the case of inflammation, on the other hand, we usually use it for several days and cover the area well.

Do not forget that there are other techniques to apply the cold, such as frozen bags or ice baths, but without a doubt, using cream is the easiest and fastest solution. However, you can combine it with other means.

Heat effect creams

They go more unnoticed than those with a cold effect. However, they can be self-same useful in certain cases.

Heat effect creams are used to dilate blood vessels and improve blood circulation.

The benefits they offer are the improvement of the mobility of the muscle or joint and the relief of pain. In addition, they reduce the rigidity of the area and increase its elasticity.

On the other hand, the application of heat also serves to alleviate chronic ailments or to prepare our muscles for activity in very cold temperatures.

Although we can use these creams before training as a preparation method, it is very important that we do not skip the warm-up. Remember: Thermal creams will help reduce muscle stiffness, but they are not a substitute for heating.

Do sports creams really work?

Regarding whether sports creams really work or not, we can say that their use is recommend.

However, it is important that we always know what type of cream we should use. If you are constantly not feeling well, it is best to consult your trusted physical therapist for specific guidelines.

We recommend using the Cold Effect Cream immediately after the most intense workouts. We recommend those with a heating effect for athletes who carry out outdoor activities in cold temperatures. Without a doubt, it will be an excellent help to warm up the muscles faster.

In addition to using creams, it is ideal that you do contrast baths, that is, change the temperature of the shower water from hot to cold.

You don’t have to go into an ice bath. Otherwise, you can put some frozen bags in the areas of greatest inflammation or in the areas where you feel uncomfortable.

We hope we have helped you discover how sports creams affect you. Now that you know the uses of each of them, apply them logically to improve your muscles and joints.

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