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How to shine hair


Today in this post, we are successful in talking about a topic that many of you have already been wondering about, and that is how to make your hair shine. As we all know, we all love to have beautiful and healthy hair, but few people do what it takes to achieve these goals.

Depending on in what way the light hits it and what the surface of the hair is, the shine it gives off will be. Straight and light hair is the one that shines the most.

The curly ones have less shine than the straight ones. Why? Chemically, curly hair has an S-shaped structure and a rougher surface than straight hair, resulting in less. glitter for hair

The outermost coating of the hair, the cuticle, is made up of seven to ten layers of smooth cells that overlap, like the shingles on a house roof. Depending on the pH of the applied product, the humidity of the environment, static electricity… the scales that form the cuticle can be perfectly closed or open.

The more closed, the more shine is appreciated in the hair. The more polished the hair’s surface is, the better it will reflect light, and therefore we can enjoy much shinier hair.


For a hair to shine, it must be able to reflect light, and for this, it is essential that the cuticle is entirely closed, uniform, and cracked. At that moment, the hair reflects all the light as if it were the exact reflection of a mirror.

The cuticle of severely damaged hair can never reflect light, leaving hair dull and dry.

The cuticle has eight or ten layers that adhere to each other and the crown to protect the interior. Customs such as the use of dyes and irons cause them to open. The rougher the surface, the less shiny the hair.



The shine effect occurs immediately on all types of hair. If you don’t know which serum to use for your hair, take a look at our favourites.


She is especially indicated for thick, curly, and twisted hair.


A finishing spray will help seal the cuticles and add incredible shine and smoothness.


For all hair types, especially fine, it restores the hair and gives it a lot of softness and shine.


Ideal if you wear it up as it gives you hold and a lot of shine.

Some ingredients to avoid in the products you buy: Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (ASL), Sodium Chloride, Parabens, Synthetic Dyes, Lanolin, Propylene Glycol.


Proteins such as keratin contain an excellent power to repair and provide incredible shine.

How to give hair shine Silicones deposit a soft layer on the cuticle and give a lot of shine.

Quaternary compounds as in masks and conditioners. They are ingredients fixed in the fibre and leave the hair soft, combable, and with a lot of shine.

Rinse with vinegar. You may be wondering why vinegar helps restore shine. Vinegar is an acidic substance, and when the hair is in an acid medium, it behaves by closing the cuticle scales and therefore becoming shinier.

Healthy and balanced diet rich in cereals, meat, fish, carrots… Foods rich in vitamins C, E, and A are consider essential foods for healthy and shiny hair.


Here is a list of domestic remedies that are proven to work to give your hair a little shine. These are the following:

Rinse hair with beer

Create an egg and lemon mask

Rinse hair with apple cider vinegar

Argan oil

honey mask

Aloe vera mask

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