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Osmose Technology – An Information Technology Company

Osmose Technology - An Information Tchnology Company


Osmose Technology Private Limited remains a private company incorporated on 24-12-2019. It is confidential as a Non-Government and remains registered at RoC-Pune. Their state of registration is Maharashtra. Official share capital is 500000.00, and its paid-up capital remains 10000.00.

It remains an information technology company engaged in developing and maintaining, but not limited to, technologies, software, website-based applications, websites, and mobile applications. And also networking applications.

After researching social media, we found that many people share their experiences with the company, which are neither good nor bad.

Our research shows Osmose technology seems safe, but significant problems put it in a suspicious category. They are field technicians, professional engineers, wood scientists, and corrosion experts, leveraging over 80 years of expertise to identify and solve structural issues that impact your asset health system resiliency and help you meet your commitment to providing safe, reliable, affordable service.


Founder: Shubhangi Vaibhav Patsar & Prashant Ramchandra Roundel

Services: Network Marketing, Gaming, Social Media Marketing, E-commerce

Founded in: 24th December 2019

Website Type: Selling of Essential Items

Website link:

Delivery: Delivery of goods within 24 hours or a few days.


Registration: State Maharashtra Registrar of Companies: RoC-Pune

Company Status: Active

Company Address: Office No. 602, Kumar Surabhi, Opp. Sai Baba Mandir, Hotel Panchami, Pune Satara Road, Swargate Pune, 411009.


Who is the CEO of Osmose Technology?


The directors of Osmos Technology Pvt Ltd are Shubhangi Vaibhav Patskar, Vijay Baburao Mahajan, and Prashant Ramchandra Roundel. Earlier, Osmose Tech company was only a tiny company. Still, due to the demand of network marketing and their good services, today it has become an osmose technology pvt ltd company.

Documents of Osmose Technology

How Does Osmose Technology Work?

Through its affiliate program, Osmose Technology Private Limited in India generates traffic and users for the Osmose Shopping website and applications.

There are only two ways in which we profit from the Internet.

1) Showing ads on your website

2) Selling something online.

In India, Osmose Technology Private Limited is an e-commerce online store company like Flipkart and Amazon, which started with less paid-up capital and authorized share capital. The parent company of  It is Mindskill Gaming Solution, famous for developing Android games and social media applications. Osmose Technology is making profits in both ways, as mentioned above.

How to Sign Up in Osmose Technology Steps


  1. First, you must join Osmose by creating an account. Also, you can’t join Osmose directly. You must have a Sponsor ID
  2. Joining Osmose is free, but if you want the daily payment to your account, you must pay Osmose Affiliate Fees of 33 $ by buying their E-Voucher every 120 days. If you cannot activate your account through E-Voucher, go below to activate your account directly.
  3. By buying their E-Voucher, 32 $ credit points will be submitted to your Osmose shopping website. You can buy anything with those 32 $ points in 1 month as per their policy. If you cannot activate your account through E-Voucher, go below to activate your account directly.
  4. After this purchase, you become an official Osmose Technology Private Limited in India Affiliate, and you will have three options-
  1. You will be credited 0.45 $ daily in your Osmose Account. The minimum bank credit amount is Rs. 500.
  2. Even if you don’t work on level marketing, you will still be getting 0.45 $ daily.
  3. If you want to generate more income from Osmose, you can refer other people to join and can have Rs. 1 daily per joining.
  4. The one thing Osmose Technology demands is to keep using their Applications and Website for them to generate more traffic and for ranking factors.

Pros of Osmose Technology:

Cons of Osmose Technology:

How to Earn & Withdraw Money to Mobile from Osmose Tech

To make Money from your smart mobile/phone in Osmose Tech Company, you have to download an empty Pikflick application from the Play Store, and working on this takes only 15-20 minutes. Watching Pikflick, you have to earn 20 ₹ income per day. One thousand two hundred rupees have to be paid for ID joining. According to the plan, the company will take 20 rupees daily, 600 rs monthly, 7200 rs yearly, and lifetime once.

Is Osmose Technology Genuine?


Osmosis technology appears safe, but significant problems put it in the dubious category. Missing company contact details and incomplete owner information define the website’s vulnerability. The case of Osmose Technology being fake has come to the fore so that it can be proved that this company is affected. People have expressed more trust in the company because this company has legal registration.

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