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Pre-Poo at Home for Hydrated, Soft & Gleaming Hair

Pre-Poo at Home for Hydrated, Soft & Gleaming Hair

Pre-Poo at Home for Hydrated, Soft & Gleaming Hair

Pre-poo may sound like something done to aid digestion, and while it’s done in the bathroom, it’s a method that reimbursements the health of your hair, not your gut.

Pre-pooing is what you do beforehand shampooing your hair to add moisture and improve texture. By locking in moisture and strengthening hair follicles, prepoo can leave you with healthier, shinier locks.

What Is Pre-Poo?

Pre-shampooing, or pre-pooing, involves smearing a treatment to dry hair before showering and shampooing as usual. Shampoo can strip wetness from your hair, so the purpose is to promote hydration and avert dry, damaged strands.

The pre-poo method helps lock in dampness and protect your hair from dryness or damage, leaving you with a shinier, healthier-looking mop.


When it comes to choosing pre-poo conduct, you have many options. You can only use ingredients you already have at home-based.

Oils, butter, and even foods can be joined to create a nourishing and hydrating hair mask. Here’s a breakdown of the elements that work best for pre-poop at home:


It uses oils earlier than shampooing in a high-quality manner to moisturize your hair and repair damage due to the solar or merchandise that comprises chemicals (inclusive of hair dye). An oiled pre-poo can be in particular beneficial for thick, curly hair because it locks in moisture that lasts after washing, assisting in manipulating frizz.

These oils additionally have long-chain fatty acids and antibacterial houses.

Some oil options include:

coconut oil

olive oil

Argan oil

almonds oil

avocado oil

apricot kernel oil

Grape seed oil

hemp oil

If your hair is susceptible to oiliness, use much less oil and avoid using it on the scalp. Lighter oils are less likely to make hair limp.

You also can use critical oils for healthy hair.


The same butter used on the skin to help with hydration can be used on the hair. They help smooth hair, increase shine and reduce the damage that can lead to split ends and dullness.

Some of the best kinds of butter to use in your pre-defecation hair treatment are:

cocoa lard

shea butter

hemp butter

almond lard

mango margarine

Cream Vera

Aloe vera works as a natural behaviour for dry hair and an itchy scalp. It can assist reduce dandruff and selling regeneration of skin tissue around hair follicles.

For those with dry, itchy scalps and damaged hair, the use of aloe vera gel for your pre-defecation prescription or remedy can be beneficial.


Some foods help moisturize hair and are commonly used in hair treatments or masks. They can be pureed or combined with other ingredients for pre-poop recipes like oils and kinds of butter.

Some foods (make sure they’re organic) that are great additions to a pre-poop treat are:




Apple cider vinegar




1. Adds Moisture

Oil from a pre-shampooing hair treatment will ensure wetting of hair and stop strip cleaning from destroying hair moisture level.

According to the data, moisturizing impact on the hair through vegetable oils and butter can help to achieve overall health of hair. They perform protective function and they help to boost scalp and hair healing.

2. Ends tangle issue and gets rid of broken fibers.

Research suggests that vegetable oils are one of the most important essential oil factors in minimizing hair damage. The oils can aptly soak into the hair follicles, and thus, get to nourish the fine strands, which in turn reduces the hair breakage, split ends, and tangles.

Pre-poo technique stands as a natural de-tangler, which treats your hair from its root and, therefore, strengthens your hair overtime.

3. Boosts Shine

The natural hydration from the oils, kinds of butter, aloe vera, and nourishing foods in your hair help retain moisture, prevent breakage and increase shine.

4. Promotes Softness

If your hair feels rough from constant shampooing or perhaps from environmental damage and use of styling products, pre-shampooing can help promote smoothness. The Pre-Shampoo Treatment formulas contain nourishing, moisturizing and soothing ingredients that naturally soften hair.

Risks and Side Effects

It’s perfectly safe to use the pre-poo method before you shower and wash your hair as usual. If you experience skin irritation or sensitivity after using a particular ingredient, discontinue use immediately.

If you notice your hair getting heavy or greasy after pre-shampooing, opt for light oils and stick to the lower ends of your strands.


Pre-pooing is when you apply a conditioning treatment to your hair before shampooing it. The treatment can be done with moisturizing ingredients, including coconut oil, avocado oil, argan oil, shea butter, aloe vera gel, and banana.

The pre-poo method is excellent for improving hair health, promoting shine, and minimizing hair damage. It can also help control frizz and promote smoothness.

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