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What stays the 2030 Agenda and why it so important?

What stays the 2030 Agenda and why it so important?

What stays the 2030 Agenda, and why is it so important?

Lately, we have only heard about the 2030 Agenda. However, no one explains in detail what this schedule consists of, which apparently guides the politics of many countries without anyone having voted for it.

With this article, we will solve that problem. We explain what the 2030 Agenda is and why it is so important to have it in the spotlight all day and that all politicians talk about it.

We already hope that it will be a plan destined to change our lifestyles from beginning to end with the supposed objective of improving the situation of the most disadvantaged and saving the planet. This is sold to us. But… What are concrete measures on this schedule? We will talk about this in the following sections.

What is the 2030 Agenda?

The 2030 Agenda is a sustainable development plan that emerged from the United Nations. This schedule was born in 2015. Years ago, in 2000, the Millennium Development Goals were set for 2015. And when 2015 was reached, a new plan was drawn up until 2030, and we are currently inserting ourselves into it.

This plan aims for UN countries to achieve 169 different objectives in different social areas (17). In principle, this agreement should guide the policies of all nations to achieve these goals so that the world is more environmentally and socially sustainable.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

As I said, the 2030 Agenda consists of 169 goals, which are included in the 17 goals for sustainable development.

These sustainable development goals are as follows: end poverty; end hunger in the world; Improve health and wellness systems; Improve access to quality education; The improve gender equality; Improve access to drinking water and sanitation.

In addition, we also find the transition to renewable energy; Improving working conditions and economic growth; Industry improvements and innovation; reducing all kinds of inequalities; the creation of sustainable cities; responsible production and consumption; Concern for the environment; Maintenance of underwater life; that of earthly life; Peace; and partnerships to achieve these goals.

As you can see, it is a letter to the wise. Of course, within each section, several more reasonable and specific goals can (and should) be achieved. But in any case, these are very general goals that may or may not be achieved depending on the measurement. And about that, if there is a will to comply with them, we will talk in the next section.

The reality: it will not be fulfilled

The 2030 Agenda will not be fulfilled in most of the world. The West will comply because it is the most in favour of such things and stopped playing international politics to present itself as the good and sensible boy that everyone praises, but nobody wants.

China and Russia are glad the West is playing because it allows them to grow while pretending to be stupid. Africa and Latin America will do what they can, and that is enough.

The reality is that China has no intention of being guided by these mandates. He may support the 2030 Agenda, but because he knows that it is dead paper and that if he does not adhere to it, nothing will happen to him. This will allow you to support her and see how others strive to achieve goals as she evolves at will and continues to expand her sphere of influence in South Asia.

And what awaits us, Westerners?

Under the pretext that the 2030 Agenda must be fulfill, those who live in the West are waiting for years of laws that harm our immediate interests. Measures that sound very good to the bureaucrats and journalists who come from good neighbours in the big cities, but have a very negative effect on the ordinary person.

Some of these measures are achieve, for example, by penalizing the most polluting fuels and subsidizing the purchase of renewable solutions. The most obvious case is cars. What’s happening? That the one who uses a polluting car is the poor one, and the one who can afford an electric vehicle is the one who has money. In other words, they will make life more expensive for the poor so that the rich have bonds and achieve goals that no one voted for.

And that happens with almost everything. Because the sad reality is that people don’t pollute because they want a more polluted world but because they don’t have greener alternatives. Alternative calls are significantly more expensive, so there are no natural alternatives for these people.

Given that there are a series of objectives related to developing the poorest countries, and politicians only know how to enforce these types of dreams based on income transfers, it is very likely that the different Western countries are contributing part of their GDP. Poorer countries. That means that on this side, too, the poor Westerners will tighten their seams.

In summary, the 2030 Agenda is a set of guidelines that must be apply by all countries, and that can fundamentally change our lifestyle and our daily lives.

Undoubtedly, applying what arises in it will significantly change the way we live. So it is helpful to know and be clear whether or not we want to go in that direction. You have to be inform, citizens!


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