‘Do A Barrel Roll’ Is Google’s Last Looney Easter Egg

Well, stop what you’re doing, open Google Chrome, go to Google Search and type: “barrel roll”. Yes, the search results page does. a barrel roll! You’ll see something like this:

'Do A Barrel Roll' Is Google's Last Looney Easter Egg

The prank is just the latest in a long line of crazy Google Easter eggs that  has been carefully tracking for years. (Check out our April 2011, Jan 2011, and March 2008 compilations of the best Google jokes.)

It’s uncertain how long the barrel roll trick has been in operation. Mashable reports that the easter egg is a tip of the hat to Star Fox 64, a scrolling firearm video game that debuted on the Nintendo 64 console in 1997.

“Do a Barrel Roll” Trick on Google

Yesterday, Google’s new “barrel roll trick” made the rounds on social media. This is the “fun on the web” part that Google likes to do. Just type “do a barrel roll” into Google and presto, your screen will do a barrel roll, meaning the accelerometer on the iPhone will basically rotate like your page would turn if your phone was turned.

The effect works even if you type “Z or R” twice. The trick is an homage to the 1997 Nintendo game Star Fox 64, where Peppy, the game’s space rabbit, tells the game’s protagonist, Fox McCloud, to “make a barrel,” which you force him to do. Press ‘z’ or ‘. r’ twice. “Do a barrel roll!” Watch the video below for From Peppy. in action.

The trick was created using HTML5, so it may not work in all browsers, although Firefox and Chrome will be rolling. Google’s statement reads: “”Today’s fun question, ‘Do a Barrel Roll’, was created by a software engineer at Google with the primary goal of entertaining users, while also demonstrating the power of CSS3, a presentation feature of modern browsers. A “do a barrel roll” query that causes the search page to turn will stay around for a while.”

How to Do Do a [Barrel Roll Twice] or “Z or R” Google Trick

Google is a great place to have fun when you are bored. Apart from google chrome offline game google gravity there is another google trick called “do a barrel roll r or z twice google trick”. Knowing this Google trick, you can roll it 10 times, even 1 million times if you’re willing to go that far.

The idea behind the Google do a barrel roll trick is to help your Google homepage rotate when you type the word “do a barrel roll”. Do A Barrel Roll is one of the few Easter Egg Tricks you should know to play on your phone if you have Google Easter Egg Tricks.

You don’t need a special trick to do a barrel roll on Android or iPhone. It follows a simple approach. However, if you’re new to some of the popular Google Gravity tricks to learn more about Easter eggs, check out these 12 Google Gravity tricks you probably didn’t know about.

How to do a Barrel Roll Google Tricks

Z or R twice, maybe “do a barrel roll” you don’t know. Perhaps you’ve heard of a great way to rotate your Google homepage or swim underwater using Google Gravity.

When you want to tilt a barrel roll it requires two approaches. Whichever way you follow the Google trick will work for you.

Z or R Twice

Just type “Z or R twice” without quotes in Google search engine and you will see wonders. Instead of Google.com, it rotates the device screen to bring up the search result directly as usual and it will surprise you.

  1. Go to Google.com
  2. Type “Z or R twice” without the quotes
  3. Click the Enter or Search button
  4. Boom

You’ll see a strategy you’ve never used before.

Do a Barrel Roll

What happens when you open Google.com and type “do a barrel roll” without the quotes? From the first trick you will feel what happened when you did “Z or R twice”.

  • Go to Google.com
  • Type “do a barrel roll” without the speech marks
  • Click the search or enter button
  • Watch your screen work for you.

There are other Google tricks you probably don’t know about. It’s probably one of the few that gets a lot of attention. So, what do you think about the Do a Barrel Roll Google trick?

Tilt a Barrel Roll

You can let a barrel roll tilt or snow fall 20 times or Z or R twice to Google Tilt Zerg Rush. So, there’s no string to post or pull sideways when rolling a Google barrel. However, the incline isn’t as cool or fun as a Google barrel roll.

To lean on Google, go to Google.com and type “ASKEW” without quotes to get the same result as going to “TILT” with quotes or “TILT” with quotes.

Do a [Barrel Roll] Twice

Starting with how to do a [barrel roll] twice. Once you get the hang of it you can try doing it up to 5.5 times or up to 100 times. The essence of the Google Trick is to rotate the Google webpage twice in just 2 seconds.

You can go to Google and do a [barrel roll] twice or more. Now, if you want to try the Google trick for [barrel roll] twice then follow the steps below.

  • Go to elgoog.im/doabarrelroll/
  • Tap “Double” in the navigation.
  • The [barrel roll] will rotate twice in two seconds.

Do a [Barrel Roll] 5.5 Times

What about doing the Google [barrel roll] tricks 5.5 times? You should expect the Google page not to roll the 6ht times completely. Do a [barrel roll] 5.5 times rotates the Google webpage for 5 seconds and 30 milliseconds.

However, to do a Google [barrel roll] 5.5 times follow the steps below.

  • Go to https://elgoog.im/doabarrelroll/
  • Click on 5.5 times.
  • Just hang on and see Google rotating the page for 5 times and .5. All these will take about 5.5 seconds to complete.

Do a [Barrel Roll] 10 Times

You can [barrel roll] 10 times in a few seconds. A [barrel roll] is one per second. So, for the Times [barrel roll], you only need 10 seconds to complete this cycle. And how do you time a [barrel roll] in under 10 seconds?

So, to do this, follow the steps below to see how Google [barrel roll] works 10 times in 10 seconds. To complete the 10 [barrel rolls] you need to go to the official Google [Barrel Roll] website. For 10 times [barrel roll] on Google click 10 [barrel roll].

Do a [Barrel Roll] 20 Times

This is a Google strategy that will help you stick to the Google [Barrel Roll] website longer than you did on the 10 times [Barrel Roll]. Since each barrel roll is under 1 second, you only need to spend 20 seconds to [barrel roll] 20 times.

In real terms, it takes about 20 seconds to [barrel roll] 20 times on both mobile and web browsers.

So, to complete a [barrel roll] 20 times in 20 seconds go to the official Google Do A [Barrel Roll] website and click 20 times on the navigation bar and wait for the magic.

Do a [Barrel Roll] 100 Times

You can actually Google [barrel roll] 100 times and more. It all depends on time. Click “How to do a barrel roll 100 times” for 100 times [barrel roll].

Do a [Barrel Roll] 1000 Times

A simple trick and trick can crawl a Google page 1000 times and more. To complete a Google [Barrel Roll] 1000 times go to https://elgoog.im/doabarrelroll/?xx and replace “xx” with “1000” with https://elgoog.im/doabarrelroll/?1000.

The webpage will continue to rotate until it completes 1000 rotations. It will take you around 16.6 minutes to complete a 1000 [barrel roll].

Do a [Barrel Roll] 1 Million Times

It will income you months if not more than a year to complete a 1m Google [barrel roll]. However, click here to start your 1m threshold [barrel roll] on Google.


The Google Do A Barrel trick is perhaps the most attention-grabbing of all of Google’s gravity tricks. However, Zerg rush is another tactic that baffles me. The trick clears all Google search results and you can’t click on the link search result.

Which Google strategies do you like the most? Share your experience with comment.