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Best Gaming Computer Configurations of 2022

Best Gaming Computer Configurations of 2022

Gone are the days when we cast off to buy a factory-made PC. Nowadays, everyone is technically savvy enough to disassemble an assembled CPU by themselves. Best Gaming Computer Configurations of 2022.

We don’t know how to put a computer together, choose the best computer configuration, what components of a computer are required to put it on the desktop screen to bring or select the best features of a computer to assemble a desktop tower.

We bring you the best-selected desktops that offer excellent performance, gaming, streaming and productivity, all at a great price. So keep an eye on 2019 and allow yourself to build one of the best gaming computer setups of the year, even if you use Facebook and surf the web later on.

Best Gaming Computer Configuration

A gaming computer consists of almost all the main components of a computer and some high-end computer assemblies for best performance.

  • case
  • display
  • operating system
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  • Motherboard or MoBo or Motherboard
  • Graphics processing unit (GPU) or graphics card
  • Gaming peripherals (keyboard, mouse, headset, JoyStick)
  • System cooling: CPU cooling and case airflow
  • Storage: SSD or HDD
  • Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  • memory card (RAM)
  • speaker

Computer Configuration Simplified

Here, we have selected PC configurations by price range and the best combination for a gaming PC.

Gaming PCs are more hard in terms of configuration than high-end systems. You can still pick from the available options and purchase external peripherals based on your needs, e.g. B. Monitor, speakers, mouse, keyboard, etc.

Best Gaming Computer Configuration Beneath $2000.00

Dell’s Alienware is single of the most trusted and proprietary gaming PCs in its league. This budget gaming machine is equipped with a 6th Gen Intel 7 processor and NVIDIA GDDR5 8GB graphics, making it the best gaming rig addition in this price range.

Best Gaming Computer Configuration Under $3000.00

Its transparent appearance makes it the most attractive tower for a slot machine. This setup and clear RGB LED beams are among the cheapest slots with a good structure.


  • Wi-Fi 11AC for the best Internet speed and range | No bloated software | 1x USB Type-C, 3x DisplayPort, 1x HDMI
  • VR Ready | Dedicated Thermaltake RIING PLUS RGB 360mm AIO Liquid Radiator/Water Cooling Assembled by SkyTech PC | Powered by a 750-watt 80 Plus GOLD certified power supply
  • Thermaltake Triple Layer Cable Sleeves Extension Open Frame Case (16AWG Cable) | one year warranty on parts and labour | Free technical support for life

Summing Up

Here we have compiled computer setups for the best gaming computers pre-built desktop gaming PCs available in the market. Regardless of how you build a computer, you won’t beat these system configurations at the prices quoted.

All computer components are purchased in bulk at deep discounts and built with a company warranty, making these assembled CPUs brand name CPUs. These gaming PCs will delight you with the best gaming performance within your budget.

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