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Brain Game App Review – Time To Increase Some Mental Muscle

Brain Game App Review – Time To Increase Some Mental Muscle

Most of us sweat profusely in the gym to get those sexy muscles, curves, and perfect abs. But have you ever thought about it? Do you also need to train your brain game app? To that, you might say, “Don’t we have enough things to think about, things that take up so much of the back of our brains?” Clear.

We have, and I do not deny it. However, what if you could somehow change your state of mind and better perspective on things? Or what if you suddenly get the fantastic ability to remember things quickly. In short, what if you could make your brain work like a superhero?

No! No! We do not encourage any magical spells or medical operations to accomplish this. Instead, we will discuss a great way that will help you improve your mental skills in a fun way.

Brain Game App is the name of this wonder. It is a great brain training app that can help you improve your memory and train it well.

Why Choose Brain Game App

You might be wondering why you must select one brain game app or even try one when there are so many others. First of all, we didn’t downgrade any of them, and the app has a sensible interface, quite decent and straightforward on a personal level.

The tasks seem easy (at least at first glance), so you are motivated to complete a challenge. You wouldn’t even realize it, but you will have developed some mental muscle.

Areas of The Brain You Are Sure To Improve

This free brain training app is sure to improve multiple areas of your brain. These are the areas where you will see growth:

  • reminder
  • Look at things from all angles.
  • think about your feet
  • patience
  • make a decision
  • information processing speed
  • better perception
  • visual reception
  • problem-solving ability
  • argumentation
  • mental arithmetic / mental arithmetic

Features of Brain Game App – Challenging Yet Fun Tasks

First, the Brain Game app neatly categorizes all different brain games into Popular, Affinity, Direction, Memorize and Twist categories, as shown below. Remember that you are also racing against time when you play these games.

You can always get better at a given task. For example, if you could now complete the Schulte table in 20 seconds, next time, try it in 15 seconds or less. The same applies to all games.

Remind Digits

This task will test your attention span. Some digits will be shown to you for 5 seconds; after that, they will disappear, and then you have to remember the order and enter them.

Schulte Table

Here you are supposed to arrange the numbers in a specific time frame. It may seem simple at first, but you’ll see that the numbers are randomly placed if you look closely. Here you can train your brain for better peripheral vision, improve attention span, and even improve visual perception.

There is Always A Scope For Improvement

While we loved the app, there are certain areas where we feel it could be improved. For example, various brain training apps allow you to compete with friends in real-time, which is not present in this app. Second, after a person passes a certain level, the difficulty of the tasks can increase even more.

Wrapping Up:

We encourage you to spend a few minutes on this app and the task at hand to see positive results. How has Brain Game App worked for you as a brain training app?

Could you report a change in how you remember things, think, or make decisions? Please share your story with us in the comments section below. For more such content, read on in the Tweak Library.

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