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Business credibility – Definition, Tricks, Source credibility and More

Business credibility – Definition, Tricks, Source credibility and More


Business Credibility is nothing but gaining confidence from the market and it is one of the essential values in work. Your colleagues, clients, and bosses will value you according to your image of yourself. While you are working, you must take care of your image. If you solve problems professionally in the company, they will soon begin to value you. However it could be said that credibility is a quality gained by all those companies that meet the expectations of their customers, those that do their job well, those that care about their external and internal image and with which you can work with peace of mind.

Business credibility – Tricks to improve your credibility at work

  • Take care of all the details when you are in your company. The credibility you project to your colleagues will depend on the way you communicate
  • Project a severe and efficient image. If you want to improve your credibility at work, you should prepare for meetings and avoid wasting your colleagues’ time.
  • If you stimulate your credibility, you can gain the trust of your bosses, clients and colleagues. Improve the work environment by taking care of a few details.
  • Get better results in your company by taking care of your credibility. Go to meetings with work done and anticipate problems with clients.

The professional world will value you based on what you do and say. You have the possibility of giving a responsible and productive image in your hand.

Business credibility – Source credibility

The mass media offer everyone a significant amount and a great variety of information and points of view. Between the publication and the use of the content, there is usually a filter based not on the integrity of the information or the speaker’s competence but on journalists’ activity and personalized search engines that have not been adequately verified. The screen bubbles created significantly increased confirmation bias, as it is possible to find only sources that maintain the reader’s original opinion.

Credibility on Internet

Whenever ,credibility on the Internet has become an important issue since the mid-1992s, when its use as a source of information has enlarged significantly. The open characteristics of this communication platform that allow the publication of information without restrictions or editorial controls and the practice of anonymity or pseudonymity have introduced new factors of uncertainty in the granting of credit. Several academic projects have investigated this phenomenon. Among them, we find the Project on Credibility and Digital Media

The University of California has published recent advances and continues ongoing studies on this topic, including digital media and youth analysis. Additionally, the Persuasive Technology Laboratory

The University has studied the credibility of the web and a list of main components that intervene in the generation of credibility on the Internet and a general concept called Relevance Interpretation          theory.

Another theoretical proposal is the Unifying Credibility Framework (Brian Hilligoss and Soo Young, 2008). We also found studies in European (Finland and Sweden) and Asian (South Korea) countries. In a more informal environment, street cred (or “credibility of the street” in Spanish) is also spoken of.

A contemporary neologism refers to the credibility or acceptability among the inhabitants of young or trendy cities, mainly those who care about the hip-hop movement. In assessing the situation and making decisions even in multifaceted systems (e.g. natural environment, climate, biodiversity ), determining the credibility of information increases. However, there is no universally valid technique, only many indicators.

Improve your credibility in the company


1. Avoid distracting your colleagues with topics unrelated to work

The daily routine of the company is characterized by stress. Professional movement is frenetic. When interacting with your colleagues, you must be as brief as possible money bank. However do not make them waste time and delay their efforts.

2. Be transparent about raising issues with customers

Firstly .When a badly behaved occurs in a customer’s order, it is necessary to inform him. In these cases, information is the most critical medium you can offer. Whenever your clients will value you more if you prove to be proactive in resolving conflicts and notify them in advance.

3. Prepare meetings with your superiors

Meetings in companies are often valuable for confronting altered points of view. If you do not go to the junction with the material prepared, you will be wasting your superiors’ time. You will have nothing to contribute to the appointment. Whenever to avoid this, you can always ask what the meeting will be about and think about it before entering the intersection.

4. Know the day-to-day problems of the company

Business Credibility , the Labor problems are the central issue in the company. You must know its reality to stimulate your credibility with your colleagues and bosses. Stay tuned for industry interactions.


Business Credible means that you are believable, reliable and plausible a credible organization is the bedrock of an owner-employee. Whenever a company-client relationship where all parties are confident promises will be fulfilled.


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