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Top 5 Destinations for Women’s Only Holidays

Top 5 Destinations for Women’s Only Holidays

5 Destinations for Women – Taking a women-only vacation to an international destination is one of those things that you must experience at least once in your life. Complete with endless fun, wild parties, and lots of spending, a women-only vacation is a great way to spend quality time with your team.

But deciding where to go can be difficult. As you know, your preferences may differ from those of your friends. To help you with that, plaid out these top 5 Destinations for Women’s.


Contrary to what many thought, Mauritius is not a 5 destination that is limited only to couples and honeymooners. It is also an excellent option for a trip with your friends.

With idyllic beaches and luxurious resorts, Mauritius is a perfect destination for a tropical vacation for girls. In fact, there are many resorts on the island that cater to group travellers.

During your Mauritius vacation with the girls, the group can take part in a variety of fun doings, from cooking classes to relaxing spa treatments and fun water sports activities. You can smooth on a luxury cruise aboard a luxury yacht where you can see some whales and dolphins gliding happily through the ocean!

French Polynesia

If your group wants a stunning beach getaway to some exotic islands, check out French Polynesia. The islands of French Polynesia are alienated into five smaller island groups, offering plenty of opportunities to sit back, relax, and embark on exciting adventures.

Admire the beautiful lagoons with your friends, charter a cruise to explore the many atolls and secluded beaches, or take a guided walking tour of Papeete, the country’s capital.

5 Destinations in Mexico

Mexico may be a popular destination for relations and honeymooners, but it also attracts women looking to vacation with their friends. Skull to Puerto Vallarta, a lovely resort town on Mexico’s Pacific coast, for a relaxing beach getaway.
One thing that sets Puerto Vallarta apart from other beach destinations in Mexico remains that it is a very safe destination for gay women. It has long been a popular destination for Mexico’s gay and lesbian public.


Palma de Mallorca could be the perfect destination for a weekend with the girls. It a relaxed but busy city for your group to spend the weekend. A vibrant Mediterranean flair, Mallorca is home to beautiful beaches and a variety of bars with terraces offering magnificent sea views.

Dine with the group in the lively tapas bars or dine in the elegant seafront seafood restaurants. Spend your last day shopping in the elegant boutiques that line the bustling streets of Palma.


Tahiti is the largest of the hundreds of islands that make up French Polynesia. It’s an ideal girls’ getaway destination that maximizes sun and travel. Find your way by embarking a luxury cruise and diving off one of the island’s many beaches.

Visit the botanical parks on the island’s west coast and spend the rest of the day playing golf at the best golf courses. Before leaving, go shopping with the girls at a two-story market in Papeete, the main city on the island.

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