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Eyelash Extension Party Care – Ideas, Care, Home Remedies, and More

Eyelash Extension Party Care – Ideas, Care, Home Remedies, and More


Eyelash extension post-party care castor oil. Put a little of this oil on your eyelashes every night with your fingertips so that it works while you sleep. This oil will weaken the joints of the extensions, making it easier for them to fall off on their own.

How to grow lashes in 3 days?

Warm a cup of water in the microwave, add a chamomile tea bag and stir. Remove the bag and let cool. Moisten a cotton swab with chamomile infusion and apply with small touches on your eyelashes. Vitamin H is number one when it comes to surprisingly lengthening your eyelashes.

What does petroleum jelly do on eyelashes?

Applying Vaseline to lashes creates a layer that prevents moisture loss, leaving them looking slicker and shinier. This is because it is an occlusive moisturizer that the eye does not penetrate or hydrate beyond the stratum corneum. Instead, it acts as waterproof.

Care and maintenance of eyelash extensions

Care and maintenance

The success of eyelash extensions has been steadily cumulative in recent years. Very practical with a glamorous aesthetic result, clients proudly wear their extensions.

Demand is therefore flourishing and the choice of products increasingly wide. From the lash-to-lash technique to the Russian volume technique, it is always important to respect the health of regular eyelashes with extensions.

Why take good care of our eyelashes?

Eyelashes have a significant role; they help protect the eye from external aggressions, such as dust, UV rays or sweat.

The eyelash growth cycle varies from 60 to 90 days, depending on the physiology and lifestyle of each individual. During this long period of growth, bacteria can accumulate there if we do not clean them regularly. The maintenance of eyelash extensions is an essential step. This daily gesture extends the life of the wings and, above all, keeps your eyes healthy!

Why clean these eyelashes and extensions?

Passing the face underwater remains insufficient to remove dirt, bacteria, makeup, and all the fatty materials on the eyelids and eyelashes. The eyelash shampoo remains a suitable product that gently cleanses and degreases the edge of the eyelash. This process avoids the growth of bacteria that could cause blepharitis. We recommend cleaning eyelash extensions with a minimum of 3x / week foam shampoo.

What not to do with extensions

To ensure a long hold of the extensions without inconvenience, we recommend.No greasy substance on the eyelashes and eyelids, which means no make-up, whether it’s eyeliner or especially mascara. Indeed, mascara should be banned when wearing eyelash extensions because it will make the wings stick together and create packages that will be impossible to remove. The extensions will then be significantly damaged and will fall out more quickly.

Avoid touching or rubbing the extensions as your hands can be dirty and full of bacteria that could get on your eyes. These cause the extensions to fall out faster or even, in some cases, bacteria to grow. If you touch the wings too much, you also risk forcing the natural fall of the eyelash.

How to care for eyelash extensions at home?

Two steps must be taken into account for the maintenance of our extensions: cleaning with an eyelash shampoo and brushing the eyelashes at least once a day.

The extensions intermingle and grow while we sleep. Brushing allows us to put everything back in place to have a neat pose without eyelashes that go in all directions. It is good to know that it is necessary to make a shampoo with intense heat or after the sport because sweat = sebum = fat.


With our foam shampoo, quickly and effortlessly clean eyelashes and eyelids. Wet your eyes, put pressure of Fan2cil shampoo on your fingertips, apply the foam on the edge of the eyelash, and care for your eyes. Gently spread the mousse with circular movements from the base of your lashes to the tips. Rinse thoroughly with clear water or with saline solution. Brushing and drying extensions With an eyelash brush, gently brush the extensions to untangle them and replace them. You can dry your eyelash extensions with a small portable fan or let them dry naturally.

Eyelash Extension Post Party Care  – Home Remedies

As the years go by, the eyelashes lose vigour and the ability to regenerate due to ageing and outer agents, making them shorter and thinner. Today, there are a wide variety of treatments on the market that are ideal for maintaining the good health of our eyelashes so that they look healthy, strong and abundant. However, it is not necessary to spend a fortune on cosmetic products because at your fingertips, and you have many natural products with which you can make home remedies for longer and more abundant eyelashes

Products to grow eyelashes: vegetable oils

Vegetable oils are products with excellent properties. They can concentrate many perfect nutrients to provide our body with everything it needs to develop healthy and robust. Here we explain what are the best oils for eyelashes and how to use them so that they grow abundant and long:

Olive oil

The most outstanding quality that olive oil has on our eyelashes is that it is capable of removing everything that may be in the hair follicles of the eyelashes, cleaning them and thus allowing them to grow longer and faster

Castor oil

Due to the properties of this plant, castor is capable of moisturizing the hair of our eyelashes, making them stronger and grow with more vitality.

Coconut oil

The cosmetic benefits of coconut oil are increasingly known throughout the world, and among its properties, we find some that can be useful to stimulate the growth of our eyelashes.


Eyelash Extension Post Party Care, you must eat products rich. In this nutrient as a home preparation for longer and more abundant eyelashes. Keep it overnight and remove it in the morning with plenty of water and without rubbing your eyelashes, and keep in bags like Burberry Bags.

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