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Engagement Ring -Tips for Shopping, Types, How to Choose?, and More
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Engagement Ring -Tips for Shopping, Types, How to Choose?, and More

Tips for Shopping

Engagement Ring – Choose the ring. It’s essential to make sure you know the dimension of your ring finger. You can discreetly take a ring that you frequently wear to achieve this. You can also have someone close to you who knows your size as an accomplice. Afterwards, you can choose an engagement ring in-store or select the stone and setting you like the most. So you could be the one to design this special gift. Secure it.

The purchase of an engagement ring represents a cost in an important asset, so you must protect it. Whenever, it is recommended to seek insurance for unexpecting damage, theft or loss. In this regard, Carmen Casanueva, Head of Luxury and Art Insurance at INTER protection, states, “There are endless stories where the ring is lost, stolen, or the diamond falls off.

For this reason, we recommend preventing any situation with special engagement jewellery insurance. In general, the policy is offering in the purchase of the ring. To choose the best approach, find a trusted appraiser to issue a certificate of the ring’s value (along with photographs) to keep it current for inflation.


The king, in this case, as it is not the diamond, is the most excellent using stone to design engagement rings, although sometimes one of the four most challenging and most value gemstones are use, which are the diamond, the ruby, the emerald and the sapphire. Some designs combine these stones to form rings of great beauty.


Diamonds are used in engagement rings because they are the maximum, obtaining a ten on the Mohs scale. This made it associated with the solidity of the duration of a marriage. Its value will depend mainly on its size in carats, colour, purity, and size or cut.


Sapphire is the second hardest gemstone, with a score of 9 on the Mohs scale. Whenever, the most common colour in sapphires is blue, although other shades are not even considering because they do not show the classic blue colour. It is a relatively rare stone which makes its price considerable. This, together with its beauty, makes it highly demanding in high jewellery creations.


Ruby Ring

A precious stone of more or less intense red colour has a hardness of 9 on the Moms scale. This stone is sometimes combining with others to create jewels with contrasts of great beauty. Large rubies can reach prices similar to diamonds and even higher in the case of large rubies.


The emerald has a 7.5 or 8 on the Mohs scale of one of the four precious stones. It is a stone of great beauty that has inspiring a lot of literature worldwide, which is probably why different metaphysical powers are attributes to it. Emeralds are very suitable for open settings that allow light to pass through the stone. Whenever, they are often use in a jewellery setting on large rocks and sometimes in other precious stones.

How to Choose?

If you have ever wondering how to choose the right one, here are some basic recommendations for selecting the ideal engagement ring for your partner. Determine your budget. It would help determine how much you can afford to spend on the engagement ring. The rule of thumb says that this should be two or three months’ salary. However, it may vary depending on each case’s responsibilities and expenses.

It is the only non-innate element of the stone, which depends on the ability of the jeweller to get the right proportions to make the diamond reflect light. This is essential to highlight the shine of the stone.

There are several sizes. However, the most use in jewellery and the easiest to find are brilliant and princess. The brilliant-cut diamond is ideal for wearing in the classic solitaire. On the other hand, the princess cut is perfect for the pavé style, which takes centre stage by being adorned with diamonds.

Colour. The colour of the diamond is a critical factor in determining its value. The more transparency or whiteness, its clarity will be much better. However, they are identify from D to Z, from more excellent to lesser whiteness. Clarity, Depending on the appearance of the stone, the purity of the diamond will be. This can show tiny details like fractures and fluid. Carat, With the abbreviation ct, better known as carats, Carat is the unit of measure for diamonds. Whenever, the largest ones are relatively scarce, so their price rises .It may interest you: Tiffany reinvents the engagement ring.


The choice of the  gemstones for our engagement ring will depend on our budget and, above all, on the taste of the person to whom the crew will be given.  Whenever, the premise at the time of the election must be the stone that you like the most and best fits your personality. If you are a mystical person, we can see what type of stone best matches your horoscope or what they say is your birthstone. First of all, a lot of communication is requires on the subject and to investigate their tastes. If we want the ring to be a surprise, we must be discreet and elicit this information without the person who will receive the call.

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