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How to clean makeup luffas in a few steps

clean makeup luffas

What is a beauty blender?

The beauty blender or makeup sponge is an essential tool when applying liquid makeup foundations. They exist in very different ways to adapt to the different styles and wrinkles of our faces. They are usually egg-shaped to ensure even application of facial makeup.

We impregnate it with makeup, highlighter, or concealer and glide it over the skin for a natural effect. The makeup sponge has a soft texture and usually comes in a container.

Always keep it there so that it does not absorb moisture, and when you go on a trip, take it in your pocket but always separate it so that it is not in direct contact with other tools that can damage the mould.

How to clean makeup sponges with soap and water

Liquid soap, in a bowl with cold water, we will add a few drops of this liquid soap, which can also be shower soap or the one we use for the face. Gently push and compress the sponge inward and work with soapy water.

Squeezing releases the air inside, allowing the soap to penetrate and clean the surface. Then we rinse with more cold water and dry the remaining moisture with a towel, let dry thoroughly in a ventilated place.

Bar of soap, gently rub the sponge over the half-moistened bar, then work by pressing into the water as above. Rinse with cold water, wipe off the moisture with a towel, and leave it in a ventilated place to dry completely.

Two-phase make-up remover soap. With this soap, we not only remove the remains of makeup but also make sure that there are no bacteria in the beauty blender or makeup sponge. Very useful for waterproof makeup.

How to clean the beauty blender in a minute

In a cup, we put water and heat it in the microwave at maximum power until the water is hot to the touch.

We add a good jet of the dishwasher

We wet our beauty blender or makeup sponge.

Put the cup with the contents back in the microwave for another minute.

We take it out and let it cool, rinse the sponge with water, and it is almost as good as new.

If your sponge is filthy, you may have to repeat the process, but we assure you that it is a simple operation and that you will love the result due to its simplicity and comfort.

How often should we clean your makeup sponge?

The makeup sponge or beauty blender should be wash every week. Don’t worry because they are built to last and to be reused. They’re also design not to harbour microbial agents or bacteria, but you’ll need to wash them more often if you have acne.

We recommend washing the reusable sponge at least once a week and after each use in case of acne. We know that when cracks appear, and your colour looks dull, it’s time to throw out our beauty blender or makeup sponge. Change your sponge every 3-4 months if you use it almost every day.

Makeup foam sponges are not designed for multiple uses and can harbour bacteria that can cause infections or oily breakouts with continued use. Do not try to clean them and throw them away. If you are looking for a reusable sponge, buy one resistant to microbial agents, you will recognize it because it has a different feel.

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