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How to set sports goals to meet them

How to set sports goals to meet them

How to set sports goals to meet them

On this occasion, we tell you the best tricks on setting your sports goals to achieve them.

As we approach the new year, we face several challenges and change some of our daily habits. Sometimes, however, these claims fall by the wayside.

To achieve our sports goals, we need to know how to set them correctly and, above all, have a suitable planning method. Read on for our recommendations.

How to set a sports goal

It may seem simple at first, but setting a sports goal can be complex.

Do you know the “SMART” method? This word comes from the English acronym for the terms “specific,” “measurable,” “attainable,” and “realistic.”

Next, we explain what these concepts mean concerning the proposal of new sports objectives:


Your goal should be concrete and specific. For example, don’t set goals like “run faster” or “build muscle mass.” You must describe your claims very accurately and accurately.

If a goal is not specific, we don’t know what actions we need to take to achieve it.


The next factor you need to consider is that it needs to be measurable to track, and it is an excellent way to set concrete goals.


Another characteristic is that they must be accessible. By this, we mean that our chances of success, while challenging, are pretty high. There has to be a balance between the easy and the difficult.


Imagine you want to run a marathon. If you are a beginner, abuse the daring. This can be a long-term goal. There is no doubt that your dream is to complete these 42 kilometres at some point in your life, but before that, you must take the proper steps and set realistic goals that will take you towards this great goal.

If we take on bold challenges, we risk putting our health at risk. On the other hand, near is a high possibility that you will not fulfil it, creating a sense of frustration. Remember: Be realistic and decide on attainable goals in your situation.

Create a training diary

You can choose to create a diary physically or digitally. In it, you write down the sensations you have in each training session, your results in tests or competitions when you have suffered an injury, the small successes you have achieved, etc.

Set positive goals

Think positive: Instead of focusing on what you don’t want to do, make a list of new habits or achievements that you want to achieve.

For example, a positive goal might be “Start eating three pieces of fruit a day.” In contrast, an opposing goal would be “not eating ultra-processed foods.”

Make a daily schedule

One of the main reasons we do not achieve our sporting goals is the lack of planning.

Make a plan every night with all the tasks and activities you will do the next day. Do not forget to include those that will help you achieve your goals.

See a professional trainer

No one helps you better than your coach to face new sporting challenges. In addition, it will be an important figure to motivate you throughout the process.

We hope that our advice on setting sports goals to achieve them will help you. Surely you will achieve everything you set out to do this year. Could you do it?

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