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Navigate Ecommerce Write For Us

Navigate Ecommerce Write for Us

A good indication of a successful Navigate ECommerce website is reflected in its navigation. Are your products easy to find or, as the saying goes, “bury the trail”?

Whether your website is accessed through a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, pay attention to the design of each device, which means you need to strive for a responsive design so shoppers can access your website anywhere, anytime, without missing features or offers.

Types (and Examples) of Navigate Ecommerce

Your website’s Navigate Ecommerce settings affect how your visitors discover and interact with your products. Consumers who know what they’re looking for don’t want to go down the rabbit hole to find it, so clearly and concisely presenting the most important elements is key to a successful browsing experience.

Horizontally at the top of the page

As the navigation flow of choice for most retailers, a horizontal Navigate Ecommerce menu helps users quickly see where to go from the home page. Eye-tracking studies have shown that a horizontal top-page menu is easier for consumers to navigate, and by keeping the menu clean and uncluttered, a more enjoyable viewing experience is achieved.

Trading Depot sells a wide range of equipment and accessories and makes it easy to find products using the top page menu:

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