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Organic Tooth Powder –About, Importance, Benefits, and More

Organic tooth power

Organic Tooth Powder  – About

Organic Tooth Power is like the tooth Truth all-natural powder polish contains nature’s purest exfoliating elixir and gentle. Yet powerful cleansing + teeth whitening ingredients. Far from merely Cosmetic Care, these powerful natural ingredients do much more than make your smile look great. Packed with endless alkalinity, this polish speaks truth to the power of plaque + bad breath contributors Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Cruelty-Free, Fluoride Free, Made in Nature fill your mouth with vital trace elements to maintain natural, paleo dental health. Gently polishes away toxins and refreshes your teeth while also helping to remineralize and strengthen teeth. The refreshing cleansing agent is made from a premium blend of three earthen clays, free of baking soda (aluminum) and essential oils, but it still tastes great. Kids Love it.

Organic Tooth Powder –Importance Details

Our Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder fills your mouth with vital and traces minerals essential to indeed maintaining dental health. This non-abrasive toothpowder gently polishes, whitens, and refreshes your teeth while helping to remineralize and strengthen teeth.

Remineralize and strengthen your teeth.

You see, the teeth are living, porous parts of their body. And throughout your life, foods, commercial toothpaste, medications, and chemicals (food preservatives) can remove minerals from your teeth and cause your enamel to weaken and become more susceptible to decay and breakdown. The result is More sensitivity, more pain, and more risk of cavities and infection.

But with our dirty mouth tooth powder, you’re getting a refreshing cleaning agent made from a premium blend of three mud clays, baking soda (no aluminum), and essential oils, but it still tastes great! Check out our different flavors below…a recent study shows the 1 oz container lasts up to 4 months and over 200 brushings (used twice a day).

Organic Tooth Powder – Benefits

There is a reason for giving importance to tooth powder over toothpaste.

Toothpaste is convenient to use compared to tooth powder, but studies proved that tooth powder works more effectively in removing stains and plaque.

Mostly, tooth powders are made of natural ingredients. Tooth powders don’t contain fluoride, so it is non-toxic and safer than toothpaste for children. So if you Want to get bright, whitening, healthy teeth, you can get clean, glowing, healthy, and whitening teeth effortlessly.

Reduce the risk of cavities

Whenever, ingredients like neem and Miswak present in Rabbit tooth powder reduce the risk of cavities. Rabbit tooth powder gives you whitening and shining teeth, making your smile more sparkling and confident.

Benefits of herbal tooth powder

Organic tooth power –  Features

Organic  Tooth Powder  – Containing Whitening Ingredient

It could remove the stains resulting from smoking and drinking tea more effectively and make your teeth white and glare. In addition, the unique Active Formula formula could whiten the teeth in depth, prevent the teeth stains from forming again, and maintain the whitening effect for a long time.

Double-Effective Protective Formula

However, while whitening the teeth, the formula could prevent new color pigment from attaching to your teeth to guarantee your healthy and confident smile.

Cool Taste

The excellent icy and cool taste could eliminate ozostomia, prevent dental plaque, and offer a fresh taste.

What is The Problem With Commercial Toothpastes?

Practically all of them contain surfactant detergents that soften the fabrics and can cause alterations in the gums. It can even make teeth more sensitive to cavities. Whenever, industrialists use them because they produce a lot of foam, which gives us a feeling of hygiene. In addition, they are cheap and do not have conservation problems. And finally, some pastes include antibiotic compounds, such as chlorhexidine and triclosan, which are supposed to stop bacteria, but which destroy the natural ecosystem of the mouth and favor the appearance of drug-resistant bacteria.


Organic Tooth Powder, Dirty Mouth Organic Tooth Powder – Natural Tooth Cleaner – Gently Polishes, Detoxifies, Remineralizes & Strengthens Teeth – Better Than Toothpaste. However, the alternative to these pastes is certified organic toothpaste, which does not contain detergents derived from petroleum, polyethylene glycols or antibiotics, or homemade preparations.




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