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Here are five things you should do to promote your real estate business using Twitter
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Here are five things you should do to promote your real estate business using Twitter

promote your real estate business using Twitter


Social media marketing is huge and high-level. Every platform remains more popular than the other; if any platform is the most popular, then it is Twitter. Despite being one of the leading social media platforms, businesses sometimes turn away when it comes to publicity, as it initially seems a bit uncertain.

Twitter remains the finest marketing tool for real estate business owners, particularly if you look at the user profile. According to several survey, in 2021, more people in the United States used Twitter, and more users have more income. About 85 percent are logged-in Twitter users. earn more than 30,000 USD annually, and 34% earn over $75,000. This means Twitter users also have high spending power, making them a good target audience for real estate businesses.

About advertising, the cost per 1 thousand views on a post on Twitter remains the lowest compared to other social media platforms.

As a real estate business owner, using Twitter to market your business could remain one of your best decisions.

Twitter promotion techniques

1.     Stay active!

the most important part of social media marketing is that it remains active and has a regular posting schedule. When creating a business account on Twitter, you must show your followers that it remains a serious account and a means to spread out to you. It would be best if you tried to create a schedule of how often you will post, and you should post all listings and ads on your Twitter account as soon as possible.

You can edit and reuse some specific Twitter post templates to stay on schedule. It will save you a lot of time and energy. You should also be active when responding to messages and comments that your followers leave. If your account is active, people will reach out to you through it and will keep an eye on it for any upcoming listings in their neighborhood.

2.     Create interesting and versatile content

Having versatile content is vital so your followers don’t get bored. Your account should not just be an ad page but should instead be an interesting account.

You can have a mix of content ranging from more serious things, such as real estate ads, to lighter and funnier content, like real estate jokes or behind-the-scenes footage of your real estate business.

You should also post pictures and clips of any new listings and keep posting new content about these listings regularly. Ensure these photos and clips are well-edited and captured so that the best parts of the listings remain exhibited. Before any significant events, discounts, or promotions,

you should create flyers for the announcement and post about it regularly. You can also post content about your business to give people more insight into who you and your team are. If you work in a particular area, you should highlight and sell that area, not just the listings you get. You can even feature people from your neighborhoods to show that you care about the community. Apart from this, I occasionally post inspirational quotes and repost some fun content regarding the real estate industry

3.     Keep in touch with your audience

Your audience engagement is crucial. How you interact with your audience online is going to be a reflection of your overall customer service.

You can post polls to find out what your audience wants to see more of and what content they want. You can also have polls regarding the type of houses people seek.

You can also host Q&As and let people comment on their questions regarding the real estate industry, and then you can answer all their questions.

Try to like and repost any content posted by your followers and clients that is relevant to you. You should also reach out to clients you have worked with previously and ask them for their feedback. You can then repost their feedback on your account.

4.     Engage with influencers

Real estate and content regarding the industry are now very commonly seen online. You can network with other real estate agents or people in the same industry, like contractors and movers working in your city, to further expand your reach.

You can even try collaborating with other businesses and influencers within your area. You can feature their businesses or pages on your account and ask them to do the same.

This way, both of you can reach the other’s audience. You can even follow local influencers and reach out to them so that if they ever want to hire a real estate agent, they know about you.

5.     Be smart about how you utilize Hashtags

Using hashtags online can help make your account and posts more visible. You can create a specific hashtag for your business to add to all your posts. It will allow your followers to find all your posts under one hashtag.

You should also add other hashtags that are trending and relevant to your business. Even if there are no relevant trending hashtags, just add the ones that are more popular and relevant to your business.


Twitter can act as an excellent means to reach a more severe and older audience, and that is precisely what a real estate business should be targeting. This guide can be a great stepping stone for marketing via Twitter. Before starting, you should create goals about how large an audience you want to reach and what results you want to see.

After implementing these techniques, you should revisit your goals in about six months and see if you are meeting your goals; if not, you can evaluate what is missing and then tweak your strategy accordingly.

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