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How to remove makeup stains on clothes in a few simple steps

How to remove makeup stains on clothes in a few simple steps

How to remove makeup stains on clothes in a few simple steps – When putting on makeup, we make a mistake due to lack of time to do it directly on our clothes, whether for work or going out to a party; it is the last step, and unfortunately, accidents do happen. If you thought that your favourite garment had no remedy, you are wrong. We will give you a series of tips for three different types of stains that will leave your clothes looking new, whether it is a blouse, a towel, or the cushion of your sheet.

On almost all occasions, to remove makeup stains on clothing, we will act as soon as possible to have the best chance of cleaning the colour in its entirety. One of the most effective tricks on recent stains is to try to remove the excess with a damp cloth and then apply a few drops of dishwashing liquid on the stained area; both makeup bases, lipsticks, and mascara are mostly made of heavy elements, therefore first remove the stain and then wash the apparel as usual.

We will give you a series of tricks to recover these clothes that you like so much, oh and remember that to avoid any stains and scares, in our Lola Aranda salons, we have a professional makeup service in Madrid in charge of our team of specialists.

How to remove makeup stains quickly and easily

The quickest trick is to use shaving gel directly on the stain. Gently rub with your fingers and leave for about 10 minutes on the colour, rinsing the garment with cold water.

If the stain persists, we repeat the operation with the difference of substituting hot water for cold water and letting it dry. The makeup stain will be gone on most fabrics.

On the other hand, if the pigment is very light, as may be the case with shirt collars, what we will do is use a makeup remover wipe, pressing lightly on the stain, then dry with a piece of kitchen paper, apply a few drops of water oxygenated and with a brush of diets and in circular movements we wash the stain. We pass the garment as usual and let it air dry without a dryer to finish.

How to remove blush or eyeshadow makeup stains

We will use the hairdryer trick to remove these stains. We turn on the appliance at medium speed, press the cold air button, and aim directly at the colour to remove most makeup. If there is still some left, we take a makeup remover wipe and gently press on the stain; we will not rub because, in this way, we will spread and penetrate the colour even more.

 We dry without a dryer.

How to Remove Lipstick Stains From Clothes

We will remove the extra creation with a moist makeup remover smear without spreading the stain on the garment; we will put a few drops of dishwashing liquid on the color before sending it to the washing machine.

Another trick to remove lipstick stains on clothing remains to wash the garment with hydrogen peroxide and ammonia in equal parts.

Remove Makeup Stains On Clothes From Mascara and Eyeliner

With this type of makeup stain, we will take the stained garment, and when moistened, we will rub it gently with a white soap bar until it disappears. Then we wash as usual in the washing machine.

If the color has not gone once it originates from the washing machine, we will smear a little detergent or shampoo on it and rub it with a sponge until it comes out. Rinse it with warm water.

Another way is to use an anti-stain soap that helps remove stains before washing, apply the soap on the color, rest for 15 minutes, rinse with hot water, and wash the garment in the washing machine immediately. We dry without a dryer.

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