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Russia will choose to up the challenge to the West

challenge to the West

According to Russian experts, after receiving the “no” from the United States and NATO to the security guarantees it needs to stop the expansion of the Atlantic. The challenge to the West

“Russia will take decisive military action to show toughness and show the United States and NATO that it is a serious matter” regarding its call not to expand the alliance and military infrastructure to its borders, said the deputy director of the Center for Studies on Europeans and Internationals, Dmitri Suslov.

After an intense week of worldwide negotiations with the US, NATO, and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Russia’s demands for a fundamental change in the security architecture in Europe have been rejected.

Predictable response The challenge to the West

At the same time, according to Suslov, the United States has been “flexible” when it comes to negotiating with Moscow the control of conventional and unconventional weapons or the non-deployment of missiles.

“What they are offering Russia is a kind of founding act 2.0 (between Russia and the Atlantic Alliance of 1997), a hypothetical agreement on technical-military issues, but without changing the fundamental principles that guide the United States and NATO in Europe,” he added. He stated.

Arms control talks are already taking place as part of the strategic dialogue that Russia and the United States have resumed following the first summit last year between Russian-US presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden.

For this reason, it makes no sense for the Kremlin to negotiate only possible concessions in the technical-military field, which forces NATO to adopt a “closed-door” policy for the entry of new members, especially Ukraine, adds the expert.

Possible new escalation?

Washington and Brussels have asked Moscow to ease tensions over Ukraine. Still, far from paying attention to them, the rhetoric has increased in tone after consultations in Geneva, Brussels, and Vienna to keep up the pressure.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov clarified that it would be a “use of weapons,” but the answer will depend on what military experts recommend to Putin.

“The perception gap (between the parties) is so great that a new and quite dangerous escalation may be necessary or may occur to force the parties to use their imaginations actually to seek original formats of agreement,” he wrote in a statement. Statement. Comment on the Council for Foreign Policy and Defense Chairman, Fyodor Lukyanov.

Raise the cost for the US and NATO

“The United States and NATO would only proclaim a closed-door policy if they found the cost of open doors too expensive,” he says. “You have to suffer and not Ukraine,” she argues.

In his opinion, this means for Russia to “seek ways to undermine the security of the United States and NATO,” perhaps through more robust military exercises, the use of missiles.

More frequent flights and navigations of strategic bombers and nuclear submarines and, significantly greater cooperation with China in the political-military and military-technical areas.

Neither, Suslov adds, is interested in appearing vulnerable. The United States, for example, must divert resources from more strategic locations amid its policy of containing China, he says.

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