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Top tourism and travel business concepts to start in 2022

Top tourism and travel business concepts to start in 2022

If you are considering starting a tourism or travel business, you have come to the right place. We will walk you through some viable travel and tourism business ideas to get you started in trendy 2022.

The good news is that you don’t consume to break down the bank to start a business in any of these travel and tourism business ideas. However, some of these ideas require you to consider financing options, such as small business loans. Let’s dive.

The Future Of Tourism Industry

One of the industries that have borne the brunt of the Covid-19 pandemic has been tourism. However, as travel restrictions ease thanks to vaccines, optimism is growing that the future of the tourism industry is bright.

Furthermore, countries that are highly dependent on tourism are doing their best to renew their tourism sector. So people also get tired of the restrictions. They prefer to travel more to relax and enjoy better mental health.

Finally, the advent of remote work allows workers to combine travel and exertion.

4 Easy And Accessible Business Tourism Concepts You Can Start

1. Rent out equipment

There is an opportunity to jump a business that rents vacation equipment to tourists. Tourists may find it logistically difficult to transport bulky equipment such as bicycles, snorkelling equipment, ski equipment, boats, or climbing equipment for their vacation.

Here you should focus on equipment that goes well with tourist activities in your area. The chief hurdle you are likely to face when starting an equipment rental business is the high startup cost. You can mitigate this by going with used gear, which is cheaper.

Alternatively, you can contact small business loan lenders so that you can purchase the necessary equipment.

Along with the equipment, consider setting up an online system to market your equipment and a digital reservation system. If you need financial provision, it’s worth getting financing like small business loans to help build an electronic system smoothly.

2. Travel blogging

If writing is your thing, you might consider starting a travel blog. On the blog, you can write detailed travel reports, offer long-term advice for visitors to certain travel destinations, as well as accommodation and travel booking options.

But I have to warn you, creating a blog will not be easy. It takes time to get a large number of followers on your blog and earn decent money from it.

Apart from blogging, you can also travel vlogging on YouTube. This is where you run videos that provide travel information and reviews. The most important thing when running a travel blog or vlog is monetization. Learn how to make a financial profit from your blog.

3. Travel planner

Running a travel agency is a valuable business to connect tourists with their desired destinations. They can help tourists to enjoy their vacations without stress.

They may specialize in specific geographic destinations or specific types of vacation packages like skiing, mountaineering, etc.

You can have affiliate programs with other travel agencies for more business prospects for better coverage. If you don’t have the budget to start a travel agency, put together a well thought out business plan. Use the business plan to apply for minor business loans from lenders.

4. Tourism photographer

As a travel photographer, turn your photography hobby into a lucrative business. Post your best shots on your website and social media platforms to increase engagement and build brand awareness. Instagram is particularly good at showcasing your travel pictures.

Monetize your photography craft by marketing your photos to travel magazines or creative works of art. You can also promote ideal destination wedding venues and advertise photo gigs along the way.

In addition, through their photo website, you can sell tourist sites and organize transportation and accommodation, for a commission of course.

Tools That Can Help You In The Opening

  • A decent camera.
  • Website creation software: Duda, Wix.
  • Photo editing tools: Canva, GIMP.
  • social media marketing tools; hoot-suite
  • Cloud data storing solutions: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive

Financing Your Tourism Business Idea

  • Personal savings
  • Support from friends and family
  • Use of used equipment such as cameras
  • SBA loan
  • Equipment loan
  • Small Business Loans
  • Microcredit
  • Personal loans for business purposes


Explore a zone of your passion or expertise in the tourism industry and start a profitable business in 2022. Write a well-crafted business plan and seek financing to build a profitable travel and tourism business this year.

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