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Are you thinking of celebrating your wedding on an island like Formentera? You are lucky, I got married there, and I have the advice you need and the ones you may not have thought of. Do you know the island? Where to stay, what to visit, which restaurants are not missed, and do some shopping? And then what do I recommend you bring from your city and what to rent there?

If you don’t travel to the island a lot, the ideal thing is that you manage everything you need to try on in your city several times or test beforehand. On the other hand, it is healthier to work the services and products of the island there and with a lot of time, since it is very exclusive.


A wedding on the beach of an island like Formentera, who has not dreamed of that? Dreaming is very easy and free while realizing some dreams requires time, contacts and money. In this post, I try to help you only have to worry about enjoying yourself.



One of the topics that arouse the most curiosity is the wedding dress. Do you already have it? For a wedding in Formentera, whether on the beach or in the interior, a boho and relaxed style is recommend. Avoid the ornate. You will also feel more comfortable, happier and look more beautiful in the photos.

If you’re waiting for my dress mega signature, I’m sorry to tell you there isn’t one! Also, I took two and bought them online. The wedding dress was from Etsy and the party dress from Zara. I did not invest more than €500 in total, including the two dresses, the touch-ups and the colour! What do you think?


A hairdresser on Calle del Almirante 22 offers the most innovative hair techniques. Decorated in wood with modern touches, it has a patio with plants and lots of light.

They are sponsored by the haute couture of hairdressing and aesthetics, the Balmain firm. You will see the bottles on display, both for men’s and women’s hair and ideal dresses!

Best of all is the experience; they come by appointment only and are dedicated to you. Omar el Gharbawy was my stylist, and he wowed me, not only because he got the colour and cut he wanted, but because he made me feel amazing.


Originally from Jerez, she is dedicate to making accessories for BBC events, from floral crowns to elegant hats. Everything stems from the need for a headdress for a family wedding, so she began to bring wreaths from Jerez for her and her closest ones, and one day she wondered why not make them herself.

My choice for the first dress was a floral headdress as a flower comb, which I used in a half updo. It was made of preserved flowers, like daisies in shades of pink and green.

It currently has several points of sale or on the Internet:


An angel fallen from heaven who lives in Ibiza leaves you beautiful. This stylish was recommend to me by my friend Peter, a fashion producer, and they had worked together a lot on fashion shoots.

This magician of the hands was my stylist in Formentera, both in hairdressing and makeup. He does it so well that even Paris Hilton is a frequent customer when he visits Ibiza.

He not only perfectly understands what he wants for such a special day, but he also advises you, recommends you and you feel understood and relaxed at all times.


We chose a photographer from the journalistic world because we were not looking for typical wedding photos. His story with photography begins very young, at age 16 when his aunt gave him a camera. Later, at age 18, he worked as an assistant in a friend’s father’s studio in Brazil.

Finally, at the age of 20, he went to Barcelona to study photojournalism at the Catalan Institute of Photography. The photos are very personal, and you have to feel good to stand out and be natural, as Ricardo always gave us.

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