5 Home remedies to have your hair stronger and healthier

More robust and thicker hair with a haircut

Cutting your hair regularly removes dull and damaged ends, restoring life and volume to your hair stronger. With short and layered styles, we will achieve health for your hair and make it appear thicker without having to cut too much. Avoid dyeing in one season, as heat-based hairstyles reduce the strength of the hair fibre, leaving it in a fragile state. If you also opt for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to thoroughly clean your hair, you will be doing a complete treatment. We offer the best treatments for your hair to show off an ideal haircut.

If you already wear your hair relatively short and in layers, it will give it a thicker and more voluminous look; you can add an excellent fringe to hide the amount more.

How to have thicker hair: specific products

  • Shampoo/conditioner: The best formulations usually nourish the hair stronger while removing excess sebum. Anti-fall products also help with problems with volume and fine hair.
  • Brushed with a ceramic brush and an ionic dryer, it will eliminate frizz and straighten the hair better without the need to punish it with many passes of the meeting.
  • A hairstyle, incorporate a root elevator into your routine, achieve more volume, and the hair will fall better.
  • Mask, or oils at night to nourish your hair while you sleep, is a somewhat cumbersome treatment that can be done once a week.

How to have thick and abundant hair: things to avoid

  • Dyeing highlights chemical processes that damage the hair stronger and the coloration even more. If possible, leave them for a while and be patient until you have them thicker and more robust.
  • Combing it many times a day, passing the brush over our hair can destroy the cellular integrity of each hair strand, so avoid searching it many times a day.
  • Drying the hair with aggressive methods, it is recommended to dry with a towel and apply a dryer only with protectors before and from the most humid parts to the driest. Always use a protective serum before applying any heat.
  • Using extensions, we mistreat different scalp layers that take time to recover.

Home remedies for hair growth: natural ingredients and diet

  • Flaxseed rinse is rich in omega-three fatty acids; they have the function of providing a natural thickness to your hair. To rinse your hair include three tablespoons of water and pour.
  • Orange rinse orange juice’s significant contribution of vitamin C is essential to eliminate dandruff grease and obtain thicker and longer hair. Mix orange juice with applesauce, sit on the scalp and hair for 30 minutes, then rinse.
  • Avocado hair mask, avocado hydrates the hair in depth, together with a banana we can make a paste that we apply to our hair and scalp, let it rest for half an hour and wash the hair with shampoo, using conditioner and that’s it.
  • Olive oil, a great acquaintance in our kitchen that also has applications in beauty, rub a few drops of extra virgin olive oil between your hands and apply to hair just before an average shower; you will notice more shine and volume in the long run.
  • Eggs, like olive oil, are an essential ingredient in homemade masks. To see our hair thicker, we beat two or three eggs depending on the length of our hair, apply it to damp hair and let it rest for half an hour, and then wash well.

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