Human Hair Clip-in Hair Extensions: Benefits and Buying Guide

It is a dream for many people to have long, voluminous, and healthy hair. However, due to their busy lifestyle, some people might not have time to grow and care for long, thick hair. So, they are opting for hair extensions, which makes it possible to get instant long, thicker, and healthy hair.

There are various items, such as clip-ins, tape-ins, hot fusion models, etc. The human hair clip in hair extensions is relatively popular as it is made from natural hair, is suitable for all hair types, and blends well with natural locks.

4 Primary Benefits of Such Products

The advantages of using these items are pretty extensive. The main benefits are as follows:

Length and Thickness

The primary advantage of human hair clip in hair extensions is providing people with instant length and volume to their locks. Those who wish to make their locks thicker quickly and longer may use these products. You can attach these to your natural hair regardless of size and density.

Accessible in Different Colors

Do you wish to dye your natural tresses but hesitating thinking about the damage that the dye might do? In that case, clip-in items are a perfect choice for you. They are available in different colors and multi shades, allowing you to choose as per your preference.

Very Easy to Install

Attaching clip-ins is very simple compared to other alternatives. You must brush your curls into perpendicular rows and install the extensions that arrive with pre-attached silicone clips. Then press the extensions so they will stay in their place. Thus, there is no necessity for any complicated processes, needles, or any time-taking methods to install them. The clip-ins are excellent for novices since they look professionally styled.

You Can Style Them

By acquiring and wearing clip-ins, there are limitless choices for hair styling. They seem like genuine tresses because they are made using natural strands. It implies that it is possible to style them using curlers or flat irons to get curly, straight, wavy locks. It is also possible to dye these products and attach them to your natural strands.

How to Buy These Products

Have a look at some of the essential elements you should pay attention to while acquiring these items.


As clip-ins are accessible in different lengths, choosing the length suitable for your locks is vital. However, it is best to go for lengthy extensions since you can cut them to your desired size.


These products are measured in grams and arrive in various weights. The extensions’ weight would depend on how many strands are attached. You must select a weight that will mix into your curls, depending on whether you have thick or thin tresses.


You should consider the extensions’ color before buying them to match your original strands. The clip-ins are obtainable in a variety of colors with multi-colored highlights.


There are straight, curly, and wavy types of extensions. Check and choose items that complement your natural strands when making a purchase. Additionally, pay attention to the styling. For example, it is best to purchase a heat-resistant extension if you routinely use a straightener or a curling rod for your hair.

Bottom Line

The clip-in items made from human hair are often sturdy, healthy, require less maintenance, and last longer. They can be installed easily and quickly and can be styled as per your choice. So, while buying these extensions, consider the above-listed factors.

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