Family travels are exceptional and enriching, so we must bear in mind that we are experiencing a complicated situation worldwide, with a pandemic hitting all countries in an unprecedented way in modern history.

After giving birth and the summer, the desire to leave home and make family plans grew. On the other hand, beach destinations change as vacations give way to shorter getaways and other places and environments.

Below we show you a selection of perfect destinations to travel with the family and enjoy natural environments full of life that will make you recharge your batteries and enjoy nature excursions of all kinds, such as B. Ski trips with Esquiades.


Family outings are always desired by both adults and children in the house. Often, there are travel destinations that are not prepared for families with children, either because they only offer plans for adults or because there are certain complicated activities for the little ones.

Autumn dates are perfect for enjoying destinations far from the sea, so visited and coveted in summer. When it cools down, the body asks for disconnection in the mountains, country plans, getaways where the fireplace cannot be missing. That is why we tell you about some of the perfect travel destinations to enjoy with the family.

These destinations that we show you are in Spain. With this, we want to promote national tourism, which has been affecte so much in recent months and help small business people and rural hoteliers.


Choosing the perfect destinations for family trips presents some difficulties since after COVID_19, it is a safe area and has to meet certain conditions in terms of activities, infrastructure, etc., and more so if the trip is with babies.


The province of Teruel is a beautiful destination in autumn and one of the least known in Spain, but it has a unique diversity and richness. In addition, it is located in a place that is easily accessible to all people.

Among the spaces that can be visite is the protecte landscape of the Pinares de Rodeo. It is an ideal enclave for lovers of rock climbing, which every year brings together many tourists who love this sport. Calomarde Arches Canyon is another safe bet for family trips in this area.


In this unique environment of the province of Jaén, you can spend a few days visiting complete landscapes and dream places, where you can photograph magazine landscapes and see first-hand the few remaining Iberian lynx specimens found in this environment.

In addition, if you follow the indicated routes of the Sierra de Cazorla and its surroundings, you can visit the source of the Guadalquivir river and the Castillo de la Yedra. On the other hand.

For its part, Segura de la Sierra, in the north of the province of Jaén, on the border with Albacete, has a privileged environment to spend a few days of tranquillity and recollection, ideal for all audiences.


It is a national park that represents the most significant conservation entity in the country and is located between the autonomous communities of Cantabria, Castilla y León and the Principality of Asturias.

It has such a comprehensive and unique environment that includes numerous routes and perfect accommodation to spend a few days with the family, which is why it is visite by thousands of tourists every year. The views are spectacular, and you can similarly take a cable car up to one of the peaks.

There are many opportunities throughout the national territory. Now is the time to visit them and discover new places to maintain the security that we need due to the situation we have had to live through.

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