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Digital currency Write for Us (digital money, electronic money, or e-currency) is currency, money, or money-like property that is managed, stored, or exchanged primarily in digital computer systems, especially on the Internet. Types of digital currencies include cryptocurrency, virtual currency, and central bank digital currency. Digital currency can be recorded in a distributed database over the Internet, a centralized electronic database of a company or bank, in digital files, or even on a stored value card.

Digital Currency Write for Us

Digital currencies exhibit similar characteristics to traditional currencies, but generally do not have the classic physical form of fiat currency that you historically have, such as coins such as printed bills or printed coins. Non-traditional form of computer-to-computer and computer-to-human interactions and the information and processing power of servers that store and control money.

This non-traditional physical form allows instant transactions over the Internet and greatly reduces the cost associated with distributing banknotes and coins, e.g. The types of money in the UK economy are 3% banknotes and coins, 79% electronic money (in the form of bank deposits). Usually not issued by a government agency, virtual currencies are not considered legal tender and allow ownership to transfer within government borders.


In 1983, a paper by David Sam introduced the idea of ​​digital money. In 1989, he commercialized his research ideas by founding DigiCash, an electronic money company in Amsterdam. He filed for bankruptcy in 1998.

E-Gold was the first widely secondhand internet money introduced in 1996 and grew to several million users before the US government shut it down in 2008. E-gold has been referred to as “digital currency” by authorities and academics. From America.

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